Camilla Franks Land Of Colorful Kaftans

The flood lights dim, the curtain rises and a young ingenue…or a stunning matriarch…or a passionate leading lady takes the stage. It’s not so much as what she says. She could be reciting Shakespeare trippingly off the tongue for all we know. It’s what she’s wearing. And no, not in the sense of red carpets come award season. What’s she’s wearing is every bit of fiery colors, dramatic cuts and shapes, thrillingly scandalous patterns and images, and all manner of fearless flare fit for women without boundaries. She’s wearing Camilla.

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Perhaps you’ve heard of the line from Camilla Franks, one time costume designer cum fashion magician for the likes of Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson. For the men in the room, these clothes aren’t for the faint of heart, the lily livered or the mousy types. Camilla’s daring designs are woven for the woman of extraordinary potential without a lick of worry about ever being stopped from reaching her dreams. One look imagines Native American warrior princess meets stunning, flowing dress. Another is urban goddess in sleek close cut trousers. These aren’t your grandma’s clothes…unless your gran is every bit a visionary too. Here’s a look at what is jumping from the pages of Camilla’s lookbook for this year.

The Bodysuit is Back

You’ve probably seen a few stunning women of stage and screen wear a bodysuit before the flashing lights of the paparazzi. And there’s a reason why. The bodysuit is fun, comfortable and stylish. There’s nothing lazy or unreasonable about it. Enter Camilla’s Kept Secrets Deep V Crossover Bodysuit. It plunges daringly at the neckline in camilla dresses having exclusive print mixing animal and floral motif. Silk fabric and Swarovski crystals marry a delicate finesse with a touch of luxury to this laid back ensemble. It comes with adjustable straps. So you decide just how daring you want to be.


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Shorts are for Lovers

In fact the Lover Short Lace Up Kaftan is genetically engineered for lovers. Silk is your best friend here. It will envelop you and all your curves without painting a negative light. You’ll look simply stunning in the Swarovski crystals embellished throughout the kaftan. You can pair it with your favourite boots or heels. Or go in sandals. It’s so remarkably versatile, you won’t be at a loss for options.

Corsets aren’t Just for Queen Elizabeth

Corsets are for every woman that wants to step out in style. Stepping out in the Willow World Strapless Corset is just what the fashion doctor ordered for a woman needing a vitamin boost to her wardrobe game. Imagine a corset that hugs the chest just right, zips up the back, weaves a delicious tale with an ornate print, details with Swarovski crystals, and silhouettes the body in loving silk. That’s exactly what Camilla’s Strapless Corset does. This ensemble could go boldly with jeans or a dress, a jacket or a throw, or attractive dress shorts and heels. It’s ready for its day at the royal court and so are you when wearing it.

Those are a few of the exciting items we found in Camilla Franks’ closet.

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Some Rules to Live by for Summer and Spring

1) Fun is fun, so make some fun clothing choices

2) Don’t be afraid of colours and prints

3) Skin is in, in all the right places

4) Aim for versatility; choose pieces that will go with you anywhere.

And to see more of what Camilla has in store for the season check out her Twitter timeline @CamillaWithLove.

Emma Ingram is a fashion designer and has been writing on casual clothing from couple of years. She holds an Expertise in fashion and currently working as an adviser for camilla online store.