Canvas Printing: How to Click Underwater to Add Value to Your Photos?

Photography is a passion. Lovers of photography do not rest only on surface of earth. They go deep underwater to observe the fascinating forms of life and unusual landscapes undersea. Underwater world offer many opportunities to take beautiful photos. To start underwater photography you need training about diving and awareness about correct equipment.

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Essentials for Underwater Photography

One of the most important elements under water photography is feeling comfortable in the environment. Remember that you will become plat form for your camera. To swim well—and in some instances fast, to catch up with the subject—is a must-have skill. There are some requirements you should fulfill before going deep under the sea.

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Learn to Dive

You must learn how to dive underwater. Scuba diving is best for deep waters. You should be able to tackle yourself underwater. You should sign up for scuba diving course. You have to get an open water diver course. It will teach you about risks of scuba diving.

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Buy Your Equipment

Buy proper and up to date equipment. It includes

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  • Camera
  • Airtight housing

Know Your Camera

Explore your camera and keep the settings with low light feature. You should know how to use the camera’s shutter’s speed, f-stops and aperture. With the help of these you will set the right amount of light.

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Practice Photography

Practice your photography on land as much as you will help in polishing your following skills:

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  • Framing your subject
  • Focusing the camera
  • Positioning the object according to light

Know how to frame the shot, the rule of thirds, focal points and getting the image straight. Take photos in low light and at strange angles. After learning all the tricks, take more and more of photos when you are underwater. Keep your focus on some special creation such as squids, sharks, jellyfish and reefs. Find your model, approach slowly and observe. Finally shoot an extreme close up or fill the frame. Come out and get relaxed. Then present your work to publications. Check out style up your home with canvas printing.

Underwater Photos on Canvas

Once you are done with your photography, place your masterpieces on beautiful canvas prints. Underwater photos will be saved and look gorgeous by using

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  • Large canvas prints
  • glass canvas
  •  vibrant and dull colors side by side
  • multiple images on single canvas(when you have to highlight different styles of one creature use this)
  • Single image on multiple canvas
  • You can show droplet forming in water beautifully with the help of thick canvas. You need to increase the width of frame.

This way canvas prints will add ravishing beauty to your underwater collection. You can sell these images and earn money. The other way is to present them to your loved ones who are art lover. Now don’t waste your time, just click underwater and display your creativity by canvas printing.

AtiqUr Rehman is a passionate photographer and traveller. He transforms his travel experience into artistic writings and utilizes his photography skills by converting images to large canvas prints and hanging them around to decorate surroundings. His expertise belongs to Canvasdesignz.