Cloud Backup Robot: Is It the Future of Backup Software for Windows?

Anyone using a Windows powered device understands how difficult it can get to back up your data. The process involved is too tiring and complex to an extent that we all avoid backing up our data instead of experiencing this pain that is the backup process.

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However, with the entry of the new backup software Cloud Backup Robot, this pain is no more. This data backup software solution comes in as the Superman (or Spiderman if you likeJ) of the Windows data backup process. Allow me to tell you why this is so:

Quick Installation

To start with, downloading and installing this new software is the easiest process I have come across for data backup solutions. The installation process is intuitive and step by step, guiding you on setting up the software to give you the optimum backup solution that you need.

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User-friendly Interface

Besides this, the software also has a very easy to use interface. You can never feel lost searching for the functionality that you need on this user interface regardless of how well or poorly versed you are with software programs.

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Backup Automation

Again, the Cloud Backup Robot allows you to automate the backup process using a scheduling feature. You can choose to set and forget the entire backup process. This one is my favorite feature that pre-sold me to it!

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Upon installation, you can also run manual backups with a single button click! Can you believe that? Just one click on the software and it does everything else for you safeguarding your data.

Multiple Storage Options

To add on to this, it also gives you the option to save your data in a number of locations – from your hard drive, to a local server, and even in the cloud, with support for multiple cloud storage services including Amazon S3, OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive. This comes with the one-click data recovery option!

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More Security

Storing data in the cloud also means more security. A cloud storage platform encrypts such data and stores it securely such that it is not accessible by any unauthorized persons. Again, should your computer be stolen or hacked in to, your data is not lost. You can restore it from the cloud.

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Unnecessary Backup Copies Cleanup

By the way, this software has another awesome feature; backup data cleanup. Normally when you back up data several times, you end up with multiple backup files. This can be confusing when you want to restore data to say the least. Cloud Backup Robot removes old copies, arranging your stored files in an organized way. You also end up conserving more space for future backups.

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It Is For You; Just Take It!

By the way, this software program is perfect for both the individual novice computer user as well as the professional programmer and database administrator. It offers the ability to create MS SQL database backups while not interfering with the MS SQL Server workings (more info). At the same time, it allows for AES encryption and ZIP format compressions for large information and database files.

Post has been contributed by Jenny Richards interested to write about cloud technology & innovations. So, if you have convinced enough & want to give it a try then get this awesome backup software now at