Comparing Tablets: Which One is Right for You?

The tablet world is a complex and diversifying one. High-end tablets come with high-resolution screens, interesting features and a marketplace full of apps guaranteed to improve your technological lifestyle. But how do you choose between the best tablets available? The question has some consumers stumped.

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Not every tablet is built using the latest technology available. As the tech world begins to resemble one large network, 4G LTE connectivity is shifting from a perk to a requirement for some users.

The best tablets are those that demand no compromise: They have top-of-the-line screen resolution, 4G LTE connectivity, and an evolving app world consistently updated with the most cutting-edge programs available.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is one such 4G LTE device that offers high-end functionality and versatility. Though the unveiling of the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 OS appeased smartphone customers, Research in Motion also expects that the new operating system will help continue an upward trend in sales for the BlackBerry PlayBook—in the third quarter of 2012, BlackBerry PlayBook sales jumped 96 percent, according to CNet—and continue to establish BlackBerry’s reputation as a tablet innovator.

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The article’s author, Roger Cheng, speculated that 4G connectivity might be the impetus behind the BlackBerry PlayBook’s success.

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When 4G connectivity was first made available to consumers, there were the inevitable questions: Is 4G necessary? If I’m happy with my 3G service, why would I switch to 4G? What’s the difference, anyway?

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The difference, as a Novarum graphic found on PCWorld illustrates, is a major difference in speed—up to a factor of seven.

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Testers found that both download and upload speeds increased on the networks of major carriers when 4G service was implemented instead of 3G service.

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choosing the best tablet

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Download speeds increased seven times on some networks when testers switched from 3G to 4G LTE service. Leading tablet manufacturers have developed products to take advantage of this discovery.

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Those who asked if 4G was necessary a few years ago during its public inception had a right to do so. Comparatively, very few consumers actually used 4G. But, as any revolutionary development will do, 4G slowly cemented itself as the must-have technology for the modern tablet crew. PCMag reports that, driven by younger users, the proportion of 4G users is quadrupling quarter to quarter.

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In BlackBerry’s footsteps most major tablet manufacturers—Samsung, Google and Apple—offer tablets with 4G LTE connectivity, affording users everywhere not just faster download and upload speeds but quicker, easier Internet access.

Which tablet is right for you?

Sometimes, it’s a matter of timing. Now that BlackBerry 10 has just launched, it seems likely that RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook will offer some exciting new opportunities in 2013. Reviewing tablet reviews and coming to own your conclusion, based on your needs, is always best. Many new features on the PlayBook will make it possible to easily organize the different elements of life: work life, home life, enterprise and social activity, which may suit your entire life quite well. RIM has seemingly designed the BlackBerry 4G LTE tablet to help you juggle it all and then some.

In the modern world, juggling is very hard without 4G.