Convert Your Word Files to PDF Without Any Loss Of Data

At the present time, you will find that the documents in many websites are stored in PDF (Portable Document Format). It is due to the superiority in decoding and delivery. A lot of people work in a company that requires documents or files to be delivered by means of electronic media. If you are also one of them, then you need to be aware of the process of converting your Word files and documents to PDF. This type of conversion is done with the help of Word to PDF converter software without any difficulty.

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Convert MS-Word 2007 files to PDF

Microsoft Office 2007 will allow you in converting your documents, presentations and spreadsheets to PDF, which is optimized for printed documents, online documents or both. It is required to install and download the support for XPS and PDF from Microsoft website before converting the word document to PDF. You need to have a fast internet connection for downloading the support for XPS and PDF. After that, you need to follow certain steps:

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  1. In Word 2007, you need to go to the HELP option. Type PDF in search box and press Enter.
  2. Scroll and click the option, ‘Enable Support for Other File Formats like PDF and XPS’.
  3. You will have to click the button of Install and Use the Publish as PDF or XPS Add-In from Microsoft.
  4. If the webpage is displayed, you have to click Microsoft Save a PDF or XPS Add-In for 2007 MS-Office Programs.
  5. The instructions need to be followed for downloading the add-in.

Steps to Follow

In order to save the documents and files to PDF in Word 2007, the documents have to be opened first. After that, you have to click the button of Microsoft Office. Move to the option, ‘Save As’ and click XPS or PDF. You can set bookmarks by clicking the ‘Options’ button. It will enable you to designate whether you want to save the entire document or a part of the document. You can also exclude the document elements from your file. In the next step, you have to click on the right button for Minimize or Standard optimization. Lastly, you need to click the ‘Publish’ button.

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Reason for Conversion

The conversion of word files to PDF is done due to various reasons. The PDF files can be accessible without any complications. It does not matter whether a reader uses Linux, Windows, MAC or any application software on the computer. They can also be uploaded or downloaded easily. They are entirely safe and secure from the unauthorized access. The quality tools should be used for the transformation process. It will help you to make sure that formatting, text, hyperlinks and pictures of a file will remain unchanged. At the same time, you will also not suffer from any data loss during the entire process.

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Search the Internet

The best converter tools will also ensure to complete the process of conversion in a short period of time without utilizing large amount of system resources. The internet is a suitable option with the help of which you can find the best conversion tools as per your requirement. In some cases, you will also get the low quality tools, which are available at a cheap price. You need to be careful in selecting this type of tools as they may not provide the required efficiency in this process. There will also be a possibility of losing vital data, information or image present in a file. Due to this reason, you should not compromise on the quality aspect.

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Ease of Use

Currently, you can also buy the best converter tools at a competitive price that will suit your budget to a large extent. The process of using the Word to PDF converter tool is quite easy and hassle-free. At first, you need to choose the specific document that requires conversion. After that, it is required to choose the required path in order to save the converted file. If you click on the ‘Convert’ button, the conversion process will be completed. The function of a specific software product will differ as per the type of brand. However, these tools can be used in an uncomplicated way. The tools have the comprehensive tabbed interface.

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Purpose of Using Converter

The Word to PDF converter is considered as the best solution for the conversion due to various reasons. The converter will keep the original texts, images, graphics and layout for making Adobe PDF. The tools support partial, as well as batch transformation of word files to PDF. It automatically converts in an accessible interface that involves some clicks at extremely high speeds. It supports for adding a password to the converted PDF files. It also supports for changing the PDF properties.

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The Conversion Process

The first thing that you have to do is downloading the converter tool on your desktop. After that, you have to install and run the software product. You will be able to see an intuitive interface, which will pop-up on your window screen. The next step will be adding Word files and documents to the main interface. Click the icon, ‘Add Files’. It is required to specify the file names and output path. At the same time, it is necessary to change the page settings of PDF. You can add password after clicking the ‘Convert’ option. You have to click this button again after saving your settings. Then, you will get the PDF files at no time.

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