Cool Tips to Speed Up PHP Development

The demand for PHP has been on a constant rise since recent years. In order to meet this demand a large group of companies have come up, offering top-notch PHP development services. While a majority of business owners choose to opt for a service provider, there are others who prefer undertaking custom PHP development on their own. I’ve written this article to make you familiar with some of the preeminent tips that can be followed for speeding up the PHP development process carried out without the assistance of a web development company.

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Tips to Speed Up PHP Development

Why PHP Development is so Popular?

The abbreviation PHP stands for Pre Hypertext Processor. To put it more simply, it’s a server scripting language that’s used for creating both, static as well as dynamic websites. Developers find it convenient to embed PHP codes with HTML and JavaScript so as to build dynamic and user-friendly website. Unlike the paid web development platforms, PHP is an open source language which means you need not buy any license to download/install PHP on your machine. Due to the varied features available with PHP, it acts as an excellent solution for any technical problem that’s found on a forum or blogging website.

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Talking about the security concerns, PHP has emerged as one of the most secured web development platforms. The latest version of PHP i.e. PHP6 has upgraded features with very few incompatibilities. Although PHP supports every DMBS, it works best with MySQL and most of the PHP developers code using MySQL basics.

Tips to Speed Up PHP Development Process

Here are given some useful tips for speeding up the php development process, let’s have a look!

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Eliminate the usage of WordPad or Notepad for editing

If you’re still using WordPad or NotePad for editing then you’ve probably not upgraded your knowledge base. You should opt for free editing tools such as EditPlus2 or PHP Edit which’ll help you reduce PHP development time by offering you easy access to user-friendly editing options.

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Opt for an extensive IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

IDE for PHP is a software used for developing, debugging and managing PHP files. Using such a tool allows you more than 800 downloads in a day. While choosing a PHP IDE for your web development project, do remember to check out the following:

  • Seamless FTP support
  • Great SVN support
  • Code highlight
  • Imbibed with Ruby and JavaScript features

Learn from your own mistakes

Irrespective of the count of custom PHP development projects you handle, it’s better to learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them in the future projects. If you’ve made a mistake in your past project try not repeating it in the next project. To put it more simply, being aware about the loopholes beforehand can always save your time and help you complete the project on-time.

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Make sure to document each code, you write

Documenting each code during the web development process can allow you to maintain a code repository that can be kept for yourself or shared with a community. In addition to this, you may even get paid for writing your valuable code.

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Hire PHP developers if you’re unaware about the process yourself

Whether you’ve a small or a big project to handle, it’s always better to consult a professional for the purpose. You can hire PHP developers who’re well-acquainted with the basics of developing web applications and websites using PHP.

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Final Words

By following the tips mentioned above, you can actually pace up your PHP development process. With over 10 years of experience in PHP web development, I’ve myself followed these tips and witnessed a rapid improvement in all the PHP projects handled by me. I’m glad I could share these tips with my readers too.

Celin is a technical experts and team member of Xicom PHP Developers team having expertise in Custom PHP Development and Frameworks.