How to Create Customized Color Swatches?

Creating a color schematic that blends personal taste with on-brand preferences can be a difficult proposition. While old-school preferences were primarily dictated through the arrangement of various color swatches, today’s high-definition computer screens make it as easy through simple dragging and dropping options.

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create color swatches

Identifying Colors

Through your smartphone’s camera feature, snapping photos of something colorful and memorable has never been easier. The color displays available on devices like the iPhone 6 in good lighting has never been better. But making sure you capture your image as close as possible to the original source is extremely important, especially when dealing with color, as different lighting conditions and screen calibrations can challenge your perception and depth of focus.

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Because lighting conditions affect how you see a color, a good camera app is important if you want to be as accurate as possible. At minimum, you want to be able to change your white balance to match your surroundings. The wrong color balance turns a white piece of paper to a shade of a blue on your camera sensor — and that does not serve anyone well.

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Fortunately, paint manufacturers are stepping up to eliminate some of the guesswork. Because people tend to be picky about color in their homes, companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have made apps that can identify the closest match to one of their color schemes from a photograph. This process gives you a good starting point when developing color schemes that work together.

Pallet Creation

After you have a set of colors picked out, you then need to see how they work together or discover which other colors will blend well with them. Want to create color schemes on the fly? Adobe Color does just this, either by using a color wheel or scanning an existing photograph in order to uncover the optimal color scheme — and will provide a major advantage to you.

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Because Adobe has been so involved with imaging software, like Lightroom and Photoshop, the company understands the importance of good color management. It includes both HEX and RGB codes for the color swatches you select, meaning the schematic will appear correctly on any computer screen.

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Because the Color app is part of the Creative Cloud suite, you can save your themes to the cloud and access them from anywhere. Adobe’s community of users has uploaded many different color schemes that anyone can browse and tweak to their liking.

Adobe has not yet made available a mobile version of the Color app. To obtain similar results, use the Coolors app, which gives you many of the same benefits Adobe provides but with a mobile experience. Coolors provides not only HEX and RGB, but also HSB and CMYK color models, depending on the applications you need. Coolors also has the added benefit of being able to integrate directly with Adobe Illustrator.