How to Create a Healthy Tech Environment at Home?

Technology has managed to influence our lives in every possible way. Integrating with even the simplest of activities, much time life seems dull with its absence. Despite the fact that these advancements in technology were brought about by the ever increasing demands of efficiency in workplaces and educational systems, technology has managed to find its way into our homes and everyday life. With more negatives than positives many times we come face to face with this virtual demon in a failed attempt to rescue our children from its evil clutches. This is why it has become absolutely crucial to understand how to create a healthy tech environment at home to strike that much needed balance in our lives. Check out the best apps for home improvement!

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The Virtual Trio

The internet is a technological advancement which has managed to become the most essential part of our lives over the past decade. With the ability to socialize and access almost anything in existence, in many societies depriving someone of the internet is often considered a criminal offense. But most times the evils of the internet manage to cause more harm than good. Causing parents to almost have a heart attack in their attempt to save their children becoming virtual billboards, it virtually seems impossible to strike a balance with this two sided wonder. But little to most people knows that there are three common yet handy devices, which can help you come to peace with the internet.

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Content Blocker

Often considered to the most effective tools in the commercial world, content blocker can come in extremely handy to stop your children from accessing something you don’t want. Many times your computer software itself comes with embedded content blocker, but most times children manage to find out the solution to that problem and access these blocked content at free will. Which is why it is a professional content blocker or a high end profanity filter is the best way to stop your children from misusing the internet. You can easily buy these software’s online and you can use them to block out most websites you don’t want your children to visit or be bombarded with words and websites that may cause a negative effect on them.

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Often considered being one of the oldest and best ways to keep your child from freely accessing the internet, routers are one of the best tools ever brought forward. Many times you don’t want your child to access the internet during late hours or maybe you simply want them to study for an exam rather than go on a stalker hunt and coming in as your best aid is the router. Even though you can surf the net with your child, many times it becomes awkward for both of you and it is not physically possible to always be present while your child is accessing the internet. Routers work in a pretty simple way, you plug in your internet connection to your router, you plug in another extension jack to your PC which will give you access to the internet. Because the router needs your exact password and it won’t work without it and the extension cable, you can simply put the router in your room and disconnect it as per your will.

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Even though it may sound like something out from a James Bond movie, jammers are more than real and can be found easily online or in a hardware store near you. Jammers work in the basic principle of jamming any internet signal within your home or surrounding areas by producing a counter frequency and it can easily block an internet signal, including Wi-Fi and phone internet. You can simply activate the jammer when you don’t want your child to have any access to the internet, for example during exams of late nights and with some high end jammers you can also monitor the attempted website or program your child was using to access the internet.

Many times these work with one another to help you create a healthy environment for home, as together they can restricted unwanted use of the internet which can cause some long term damage.

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