Create Perfect Festive Mood with 1byOne LED Stage Light

This dome shaped LED stage light capable of rotating light patterns around the room with different hues and textures can just transform any ambience with a romantic or festive look and feel. By easily changing between the different lighting modes you can create your own preferred lighting right in your home. This light weight portable lighting fixture just can fit into any interior ambience without requiring much space.

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festive season with LED lights

An Array of Color LEDs and Combinations of Lights

There are total five different color LEDs in the 1byone Super LED Stage Lights that can create diverse combinations of lighting modes. The color LEDs available with this light includes Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue. While there is one LED for each color, there are 2 LEDs for red. You can choose among random combinations of these colors, color patterns and rotational movements according to your preference. You can select any mode for future use and can easily find it whenever you feel it necessary. You just need to press the ENTER button, then turn OFF and back ON the dome light to save any mode.

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Easy Adjustment of the Rotation

This dome LED besides offering an array of colorful LED options and different lighting combinations also offers moving lighting with the device offering rotational movement. According to your preference of rotation you can also adjust the mode easily. To adjust the speed of the light you need to select among modes between 0 to 9 number buttons by moving the mode button up or down. People who like to create a party and festive mood right in their home will find this light great. The light itself is very lightweight and occupies least amount of space and almost inconspicuously delivers great lighting ambience from above transforming the whole interior and creating a feel like a disco. With light patterns moving at high speed and to the beat of the background music instantly you would feel yourself transformed.

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The Product Specifications

The product offers outer adapter AC 100-240V input and 12V 1500mA output and it consumes 12W of power. The dimension of the product is 220 x 220 x 185 mm 8.66 x 8.66 x 7.28(inch). As the source of light it uses 2pcs of red LEDs and 1pc of LED for yellow, green, white and blue. As for control modes the product offers three types of controls, respectively as automatic, sound control and DMX512 control.

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How to Use the Light

Let us explain the correct procedures to use the product for the precise lighting effects. As for providing the product a source of electricity you need to connect the outer adapter to the DC Jack at the backside of the product followed by and then you have to insert the plug into power socket. For selecting modes of lighting, you have to press the MENU button to select among different modes of light like Automatic Mode, Sound Control Mode and DMX 512 Control Mode. Automatic mode includes A1 to A8 modes with different combinations of lights and also random combination of lights, change of combinations and flash. S1 and S2 stands for sound control modes. While the S1 mode offers LED light flashes without motor rotation, the S2 mode offers lighting effects like LED light flashes, color changes and rotating motor with the ambient music beat. You can get your own LED from Amazon.

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1byOne 8.6’’ LED Stage Light Key Features

1byOne 8.6’’ LED Stage Light comes loaded with magical lighting capability and offers the following features.

  • For a perfect dreamy colorful lighting ambience the device comes packed with 2pcs of red LEDs and 1pc of color LED for rest of the colors comprising yellow, green, white and blue LED. The lighting effect is bright, colorful and moving with flashes and lighting rotation.
  • The device offers three different control options, respectively as Auto, voice activated and DMX512 control modes available through the control panel. Besides controlling the color patterns the variety of modes will let you control the flashes and rotation speed to the ambient music.
  • Advanced LED lighting power will ensure highly powerful light beams as sharp as 150w discharge lamp. Moreover, all the LEDs are characteristically long lifespan LEDs offering durability of at least rated 100,000 hrs or more.
  • High durability, low heat and exceptionally low power consumption will give it a real value for money.
  • The light occupies a very small space and can be hung on any ceiling. The product comes with a quality guarantee and is absolutely safe to use.
  • With this light you can create a magical party or romantic ambience right at your home perfectly complementing the mood of the celebration.

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