Create Your Own Handmade Quilts In 5 Easy Steps

The words “easy” and “quilt” don’t seem to belong together in the same sentence. Quilting is one of those activities that have a harsh learning curve and so not many people ever venture into the art of learning and enjoying the hobby. However, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t appreciate the end product of a quiltmaker’s time. A finished, handmade quilt is awe inspiring, and you might be surprised to learn some designs aren’t as hard as you’d think. Below, you’ll find five easy steps to follow if you want to try your hand at a simple quilt.

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1. Select an Easy Design

In selecting the design, you’ll pick your fabrics, wash them, and cut them to size. This process takes some time but it’s a simple one. You can find hundreds of basic quilt patterns from quilt shops, or at Make sure to pick a relatively simple design such as the Four Patch, Jigsaw, or the Framed Nine Patch quilt. These designs don’t require a lot of overlap and odd shape design. Simply buy the pattern, use the outlines to cut your pieces and you’re ready for step two.

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2. Sew Pieces Together

Once all your pieces are cut, you’ll begin to sew them together as the pattern dictates. When you have a block (the pattern will show you what a block of your quilt pattern is) you can pin it to other blocks for a feel of what the whole quilt will look like once it’s finished.

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3. Set the Batting and Prepare the Backing

Cut the batting and backing so that it is about one inch longer and wider than the quilt-top. Lay the quilt top over the batting and backing.

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4. Secure the Quilt Layers for Quilting

You can baste the quilt layers by making large prestitches through it, every five inches. The stitches prevent the layers from shifting during the quilting process. You can also set the quilt on a clamp rack and stretch it over a frame. Tighten the frame down and your layers are shift-proof. When your layers are secured, follow the quilting pattern you’ve purchased and proceed by hand or machine. The act of quilting will be the most time consuming, and it is the object of your efforts. The time you spend to do it well will reflect clearly in the finished product.

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5. Attach the Binding

Finally, you’ll prepare the edges to attach the binding. Iron the edges. Then trim the layers even. Pin the layers of your quilt to the binding. You’re prepared to fasten the binding to the quilt. It’s best to machine sow binding as you’ll get the tightest most even stitch. The binding holds the entire quilt together. When it’s done, step back and admire the finished quilt. You’ll be proud of the effort and impressed with the product.

So don’t forget to follow these tips to create your own handmade quilts in 5 easy steps.