Creating Custom Holiday Cards Using Stock Photography & Images

Have you ever had repeats of the same Holiday card from different people, or have you gone over to the next office at work or to the house of a friend of family member only to see a card just like yours on their desk or mantle? These types of these actually happen quite frequently because there are an awful lot of the same cards circulating around, so repeats are part of the package, but they don’t necessarily have to be. By finding stock illustrations and photos online you can create personal, unique cards that your friends and family will love.

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Custom and Affordable

One way to make valentines for someone special, or for several special someones, such as a child’s school party is to find Valentine’s Day stock illustrations. By using these stock illustrations you can either have a one of a kind valentine for a special person, or provide your child with the most unique Valentines in their class.

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There are many stock photography and image websites on the web where you can find affordable, high-quality images to use. Some of these are background images that can be used along with personal images of your own such as photographs depicting special memories you have with your loved one, and others are images that are more defined that may strike you for one reason or another.

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The stock illustrations and photography you find come in various sizes and price ranges to fit most any need. Some of the images are even free, however the most unique Valentine’s Day stock illustrations will likely cost more as the quality of the artwork or size of the image goes up. Those images that you pay a little more for are also more likely to be unique.

Good for Everyone Involved!

When people purchase stock photos and images, they often feel good about the fact that they are making a contribution to an artist having the ability to produce and distribute work that they love. Even when images cost money to use, they are really not very expensive. While some stock sites might have people only pay for each image one at a time, many others encourage customers to invest in a relationship with the site and rewards loyal customers with discounts. Since there are many uses for stock artwork it is easy to find a good place to use the next image.

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For those who are artists themselves, a stock art and photography is a great way to get a feel for what your audience likes, while getting paid residuals for your work. By browsing through some best selling images you can get a sense of whether your artistic style is a good fit for stock photography and illustration.

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Stock images are used by individuals and businesses that need to add a a splash of color or personalization to their written work, or to build cards or eCards. Once you see how convenient it is to buy and sell stock images, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

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