Creative Business Cards: Are Digital Cards The Next Big Thing?

Advances in technology now allow business cards to be sent digitally. This is all very well but do they have the same impact as holding a piece of high-quality card, printed with a professionally-designed logo and beautiful typography?

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It really depends on who you do business with, and where your target market lies. If you conduct your business mainly over the internet and have no need to attend traditional networking events, then using digital business cards will project a professional image, and allow you to showcase your work in a way that is impossible using paper cards.

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On a digital card you can add video and photos in addition to text, and demonstrate your portfolio to potential clients with just one or two links. Your profile can easily be updated, and just the fact that you have so much space to convey your ‘brand’ is a huge advantage over paper business cards.

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On the other hand, if you do not have a defined online presence, you probably hand out many traditional business cards in the course of a day. It all depends on the type of business you run, and your client or customer base. Professionally designed, creative business cards can have an impact that is impossible to recreate with a digital version.

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People like to have a physical rather than virtual representation of someone they are going to do business with, and a card with a beautiful or eye-catching design fits the bill perfectly. A recent trend for ‘themed’ business cards that showcase artisan products, such as jewellery or cupcakes, have resulted in business cards becoming pieces of art in themselves.

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Creative business cards stay firmly in the forefront of people’s minds, just because they are so beautiful, and can provide welcome relief from having to look at a computer screen or mobile phone.

An excellent compromise to the dilemma of which type of card to choose arrived with the availability of Quick Response (QR) codes. This is a small barcode designed to be scanned with a smart phone, and can contain information such as your digital profile. If you include this barcode on your paper business card, you have the best of both worlds.

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Creative business cards in their traditional format can have such an impact on potential clients that it is unlikely they will go out of fashion completely. Although they are more costly than their digital counterparts and convey less detail about your business, the availability of QR codes now allows you to combine the old with the new.

This article was written by online author and design expert, David Hamer.