Creative Ideas to Design Your Own Reading Nook

Today, we live in a world in which it seems reading, for those who still read, has never been easier and more available. With all these free ebooks in pdf and epub formats today it is possible to have almost any book, just moments after it is released. Furthermore, with the sudden boom in popularity and availability of audio-books in the last couple of decades, reading was made even simpler. So we also decided to have an interesting showcase about Creative Ideas to Design Your Own Reading Nook according to your space & style!

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Still, official statistics are both alarming and in contradiction to the aforementioned facts. The percentage of people who are reading today is lower than it ever was before. Perhaps all this simplification of the wonderful and majestic process of book reading has stripped it of all of its charm and left nothing but a huge void all around it. Perhaps, the best way for us to return to the enlightening practice of book reading is to resort to its traditional form. And with this in mind, is there a better way to read books than in your own personal reading nook.

Your Own Literary Fortress of Solitude

As the title suggests, everyone, even some of the most powerful superheroes, sometimes need a spot where they can always retreat to in order to be alone with their thoughts, at least for just a little while. This is exactly how you should observe your reading nook, as a place that is not of this world or in this world. Your own little intellectual deserted island, your own literary fortress of solitude.

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It does not have to be anything big or space consuming since, to be frank, not everyone can afford to create a real Victorian nook in their apartment or even in their own house. Still, dedicating at least one corner of your room, as a place for your regular book reading rituals is always a good solution.

Equip Your Nook

Now that you have decided upon its location, it is time for you to choose some of the most important equipment for your nook. Select a little woven bench for your nook, and you will not be disappointed with this idea. Second and probably the most important thing is making sure that your nook has enough light.

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In the Victorian era, nooks were usually placed next to the window because of the much needed constant light source. Today, since most people often read at night, as well as because of the fact that nooks are not necessarily next to windows, it would be best to choose from and purchase one of the creative and innovative floor lamps online. Make sure to choose the lamp that stylistically fits the theme of your nook the best and thus enhance your general impression.

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A State of Mind

There is one more thing that you should always keep in mind when designing your own little reading nook. It is the idea that this nook is more about your state of mind in it than about anything else. It is not all about what you have in your nook but what you have in your head while in the nook. Remove all objects that could distract you from reading from your nook, such as your laptop or TV. Also, make sure to turn off your phone, before you dare to enter this sacred shrine of the book.

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Grab a few aromatic candles, thus creating a pleasant connection between the selected scent and the book that you are currently reading. This can often lead to your brain making the association to the book that you were reading every time you smell that same scent. This is what we call nurturing a productive and positive habit.

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Imagine reading your own book in your own little literary haven and getaway from the mundane of the outside world. Now imagine that for the next few hours, you are all alone in the entire world, with nothing but thoughts of some of your favorite authors to keep you company. Truly a notion that is nearly impossible to top, especially when you have in mind that this dream-come-true is only a decision away.