Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

The man of your dreams has asked you to marry him. The venue is chosen. The date is set. Now it’s time to let your friends and family know about the blessed event.

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Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas
The invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have your wedding. It can clue them into the theme, let them know what type of affair to expect (casual, formal, etc) and it can just get them excited about the event that awaits. Instead of choosing a run-of-the-mill, hum drum invitation that your guests have seen a million times before, customize it to suit your relationship and your wedding.

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Here is a look at six creative wedding invitation ideas that will be sure to grab the attention of your guests.

A Flower Packet

You are about to sow the seeds of love, right? So, how about taking that idea and running with it for your wedding invitation. Have the information for your wedding printed up and attach it to a packet of flower seeds. Your guests can then plant the seeds, and quite literally help you sow the seeds of your love.

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A Photo Montage

Have invitations made up that feature images of you and your beloved. Have professional photographs taken, or just have a friend of family member snap some cute pictures of the two of you. You can include elements within the picture that provide details of the wedding. For example, the two of you might be holding a banner that indicates the date, or you might snap a picture of location of the affair. Of course, you’ll want to also print out the pertinent information, but the photos add a nice personalized touch – and the invitation will double as a sweet keepsake for your guests.

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A Love Map

Certainly you and your fiancé have had some pretty awesome experiences together in some pretty awesome places. How about creating a map that highlights some of the special experiences you’ve had and where you have had them. For example, the map might include where he popped the question and of course, where your wedding will take place.

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A Fan

Not the electrical type, but the hand-held variety. If your wedding will be taking place during the spring or summer, how about sending your guests a hand-held fan that features the details of your wedding. Have it printed in your color scheme and when your guests can bring the fan along to keep themselves cool during your event (even if there is going to be air conditioning, the fans will still add a special touch to your special day).

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A Dessert Recipe

Nothing is sweeter than love, so how about creating a wedding invitation that features the recipe to your favorite dessert. You could include a sentiment that reads, “Our love is sweet, and so is this treat”, or something along those lines. Not only will your guests find out the details to your wedding, but they’ll also have a fantastic dessert recipe.

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Is music a big part of your life? If so, how about sending out a custom CD of some of you and your fiancé’s favorite love songs? You can even feature songs that will be played at the wedding (except maybe your first dance – you might want to keep that a surprise). Include the details of your wedding on the back cover or on the inset of the CD.

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Any of these invitation ideas will grab the attention of your guests and get them super excited for your upcoming nuptials.

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