How to Crop Video using Movavi Video Suite?

Nowadays almost everybody owns a mobile phone, tablet or another device that has a camera and can record videos. However, plain & simple videos don’t always look as good as you want, and sometimes you may want to add different effects, cut our specific parts of the video, add audio, etc. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good applications that can take care of all your video editing needs, but we are here to take a look at what we think is the best video trimmer at the moment – Movavi Video Suite.

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This application has been available for more than 10 years, but we must mention that its developers have been working hard all this time in order to add new functions and extras to the popular video editing tool. With Movavi Video Suite you can completely forget about other expensive video editing solutions – this program contains all you need to edit, compress, crop, cut & do much more with any video file.

Easy to Use

The problem with most pieces of video editing software is that they are difficult to use. Inexperienced computer users are usually very confused by the user interface of most video editing suites, but this is not the case with Movavi. This amazing application features a user-friendly interface, a great support team and a huge community that will definitely make it easier for you to use & understand every single feature of this application.

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You can even find a ‘Learning Section’ on their website that contains all the info you need to learn all of this video suite’s features. For example, this is how you can crop video using Movavi video suite:

How to Crop Video using Movavi Video Trimmer?

1- Install Video Trimmer

Open the official website and Download the installation file. When the download is complete, execute the file and follow the onscreen instructions until the installation finishes.

2- Add the Video

There are two ways to edit video files in Movavi video suite – you can either use the more sophisticated Timeline or you can use the simpler & easier to use Storyboard. By using Timeline you can work with several audio and video tracks in the same time, so this mode is recommended for advanced users. Storyboard is simpler, because you’ll only work with one video track at a time. For this tutorial, it is best to use Storyboard, so take a look at the central of the timeline panel and select Storyboard.

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Naturally, the next thing you need to do is load the video file. So click on Add Media Files and select the video you’ll crop. Keep in mind that you must drag the video from the Media tab and drop it in the Storyboard at the bottom.

3- Crop the Video

Take a look at the Preview Area. There you should see the Crop button, click on it and move/resize the rectangular in order to pick the crop position you want.

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4- Save the Video

If you are finished cropping, then it’s time to save the modified video file. To do that you need to click on the Save Movie button and choose the compression method that you want. Movavi Video Suite comes with several pre-configured compression methods, so pick the one that best suits your needs. Finally, click Save and wait for the process to finish.

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Telling you about all of this application’s features will take a lot of time. It’s just that its developers have done a great job implementing some amazing features in the Movavi Video Suite, so we’ll tell you some of the most important things:

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  • Convert any video format to another format (even DVDs!)
  • Convert audio files / Extract audio track from any video
  • Split/join videos
  • Capture video & audio from your screen, VHS, TV Tuner
  • Add titles, credits, effects and transitions to your videos
  • Directly burn videos to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs
  • Directly publish your videos to social media
  • Create slideshows, convert SWF files to videos


By now you are probably thinking that Movavi video suite will be extremely expensive, but this isn’t true at all! Purchasing Movavi video suite is a great bargain, because it offers so many features. We should also mention that this piece of software is also regular sold on discount, so keep a close eye and you might end up paying less than expected. We assure you that thanks to Movavi video suite, you’ll never have to pay for editing software again!

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Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular user or someone who needs to work with videos every day. We assure you that there isn’t a better choice than Movavi Video Suite when it comes to video editing software. This tool will fully meet your requirements and thanks to its affordable price (don’t forget the discount!) you can save a lot of money. It’s easy to use, comes pre-loaded with a massive amount of features and do you really need anything else?