Benefits of Custom Email Templates for Your Business

Templates are the basic platforms, where the ultimate designs are based on. It is available in multiple shapes and sizes, and differs from one platform to another. Nowadays, there is a growing hike of template uses. These are not the basic standard ones, but customized email templates, which will help your business, reach the pinnacle of success. Designing customized email templates for your mobiles are more or less same like the ones, used in websites. For the less optimal reading experience, it is vital to get to the core of customized email templates, meant for your business growth.

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Ways in which custom email templates work:

Before you proceed further with customized email templates, you might think how these services work. After learning about the business, the experts are going to build tailor made template. That will definitely help in current branding and working on some of the special content blocks, which you are in need of.

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  • With the help of customized email templates, the branding materials like logo will always be in that place. So, you do not have to worry before creating a campaign.
  • You can even create some customized content blocks, with the templates. Some of the examples are buttons, images, maps, lists and even products with videos.
  • There are loads of drag and drop editor, which can help in adding content, change layout and more.
  • The customized email design templates are going to be responsible, and can work perfectly on mobile devices. That will help in engaging with audience worldwide.

Types of customized email template ideas:

There are some customized email templates, which are already in the market. and you can go through some of those to get a clear idea and work on your own.


It comprises of five email templates, with viewport tag and fluid layout. It even comprises of limited email clients, with separate CSS style sheet. In case, you are planning to add some images, then you might want to compress a separate folder, with the current CSS Style sheet.

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This is an e-newsletter platform, along with email template builder. It comprises of email pre-build module responsive layouts, which are 8 in number. It comprises of 24 color variations along with 28 elements for creating layouts. It can help you to create some simple templates, by following three simple steps, that’s it!

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Campaign Monitor

This package is known for providing you with free email template builder. It helps in providing you with mobile-ready templates, which will help in displaying on both mobile and desktop segment. These are tested in a beautiful manner for all email clients, working on Outlook and Gmail.

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This is another example of responsive customized email template. It is known for its 9 different layouts and eight colors. It further comprises of two skins, which will help you to make 120 different variations. These are used for matching your style and requirements, to be precise. These are currently tested with Litmus and the items are known for working perfectly for the major client emails.

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This was primarily used for transactional emails, which comprise of dynamic content. This template style is known for its responsive layouts, which can always adapt to the client’s email width. These are tested thoroughly with the current real data tactics. And there are HTML tablets, which are meant to be compatible universally.

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With its two style layouts, Quinn is just perfect for showcasing some of your product and businesses. It comprises of 14 modules, used for customizing the templates. It comprises of packages with six color schemes and with flexible structure of the table. It has commented HTML along with compatible WordPress plugin. There are some ready to use sliced icons, available, too.


For making your campaign look a bit more professional, you might have to turn towards FancyMail. It comprises of eight colors, seven layouts and even three layout options. Each layout is known for its optimal viewing experience with multiple screen sizes and devices, to be sure.

Choose the one you like

These are some of the interesting customized email template ideas, which you are always welcome to choose. In case, you want to try something new, then get the ideas from here and you are all good to go.

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on email template design, web design and web development.