3 Tips for Family Picture Calendar to Give Dad for Father’s Day

With every passing moment, Father´s Day gets closer and closer, the good thing is you have already decided on your gift for him, a family picture calendar. All the family is super excited about it, but this is your first time doing one and you don’t know where to start, no problem here are three tips for making it the best family calendar ever.

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The first thing on the top of the list is to pick each months theme. Some of the months already have a theme: Valentine´s day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Those are easy, but the rest can be a challenge. As a family you can make a list with different ideas of topics. After each family member give their suggestions, it’s time to vote for the favorites. When you have everything set up, it’s time to decide the characters for each photo. Organization is key to making every process fast and easy.

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The themes are on the table; now you have to get all the costumes for the pictures ready. You have to take care of every aspect; clothes, shoes, hair, etc. If you need help with the last one, check out your closest hair salon, they can make every look good, clean and professional. For the clothes you can search some online tutorials to do them yourself or find places online that make costumes. Be creative to put everything together and give the final result a real special feel.

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A nice background can add the final touches to give the picture more professionalism. You can divide the family into groups based on the themes to find the perfect places. Also, you can use the same background for all the pictures, but change the decoration and costumes in each photo. Don’t forget about lighting and time of day, may you need some pictures at night, with a beautiful sunset or a bright morning.

If you want to make it more exciting, you can start making next years calendar now so natural weather like snow, a trip to the beach or camping in the mountains can all be included in the photos. Have fun with the family and don’t forget to say CHEESE!