Damaging Social Media Mistakes for Emerging Businesses

In case of social media promotions, many of the businessmen are self-taught with insufficient insight. You may have learned your unique way exploring Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by managing personal accounts and figured out how to go well with a business account. Experience surely helps, but there are many unspoken rules which lie beneath when it comes to succeeding in social media marketing. Let’s explore.

Launching a social media site for your business is not the same as you start a personal account. At the very first point, it is important to ensure that your sites are presented professionally. Here are some social media mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid.

Inappropriate Trending Choices

While posting content on social media, it is so natural to take advantage of the latest trending topics to drag attention. However, you need first to check if the post is appropriate in light of your business goals. Many companies are trying to capitalize on the trending topics, and many of them end up posting things which are completely insensitive and score minus marks.

For example, a few months back, one of the hashtags shared by many on twitter was #PrayForLondon, soon after the London terrorist attack. By seeing it as trending, a business tweeting with it for his store for promotion by apparently not knowing for what it was trending, made a significant mistake by being wholly insensitive.

It is true that searching for the most trending topics and interacting with it is a sure-shot way to regulate social media activities for business, but before utilizing any trending topic, it is essential to ensure that the topic is fully appropriate and relevant for what you want to communicate.

Overdoing It

While considering posting frequency, there is no such hard and fast rule on it, but you should not embarrass your followers with over-posting. You need to look closely at your engagement levels to decide the number and frequency of your postings. experts’ advice, on Facebook, it may be a good number if you stick to 4 to 5 post a week. On Twitter, a tweet a day with relevant content may be ideal.

Failing to Respond

Social media for business is meant for real-time engagement with your target audience. If it is one-sided and you are responding, success is not yours. Even if a customer complain or says something negative about your brand, you need to respond appropriately to get it resolved timely.

Let’s see how British Airways learned this the hard way.

  • One customer complained about a particular service of the airline, but this response was unattended for eight hours. Making things worse, the customer went ahead and made it a paid promotion so that the tweet was seen by a larger number of audience. The airways finally responded with an excuse that the Twitter feeds are only open during the regular business hours, but the damage was already done.

Before concluding, let’s discuss the gravest mistake. If your social media strategy is simply to sell, sell, and only sell, you will fail. The ideal social media marketing plan is to keep your as a subsidiary result of the promotional, information, and supportive interactions and engagements you initiate with your target audience.

Isabella Rossellini is a social media specialist and blog writer who published a book to discuss the social media best practices. She also used to write about business administration and financial management .