Damongo.com; Next Destination for Talented Freelancers

Making money online has been one of the hottest topics on the web for the past couple of years, and we won’t be exaggerating if we say that millions of people have already found different ways to make money by using the Internet. And while in the past most individuals focused on affiliate marketing and similar jobs, now we can choose between a wide range of jobs, tasks and projects that require a specific set of skills.

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If you haven’t tried making money online before, then it might be difficult for you to start, but we believe that this post will give you all the information you need to get started. Many of you have probably heard of the website Fiverr – this was one of the first micro job sites on the web and its success was huge! Hundreds of thousands of freelancers and potential customers visited in order to advertise their services or to announce open job positions. Today we’ll take a look at the best Fiverr alternative at the moment – Damongo.com.

What is Damongo?

If you haven’t used such a website before, then let us tell you a few words about the purpose of Damongo.com. Basically this is a micro job board that gives you the chance to quickly find customers or potential employees that will help you with different tasks. All job offers are arranged into several categories that range from artistic jobs such as drawing and painting, to more technology-related offers that include search engine optimization and scripting. The best thing about Damongo.com is that it is completely free – all you have to do to get started is register a free profile and start browsing the open job positions or to post your very own advertisement.

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Paying and Getting Paid

You can withdraw or deposit money by using one of the payment methods supported by Damongo. Usually, the money transfer is quite quick, but there might be some delays depending on the payment method you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that all payments must go directly through Damongo in order to avoid scams – if a Damongo user offers you a payment directly through PayPal or other payment method, then it is very likely that they are trying to scam you. Use Damongo’s integrated payment service in order to protect your private data & money.

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Diverse Job Positions!

As for the jobs available at Damongo, there is a lot we can say about the offers posted there. Naturally, most of the job ads concern common web administrator and developer jobs – search engine optimization, coding, web design, social media promotion, etc. Of course, there are many other interesting micro jobs such as creating unique promotional/advertising YouTube videos, drawing or painting unique pieces of art, writing songs and music, and even creating sculptures that are shipped worldwide! As you can see, there are a lot of interesting offers at Damongo, so don’t hesitate to take a look at the job categories, and browse some of the most interesting proposals.

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Other Important Points

Thanks to the innovative rating system that Damongo uses, it is very easy to determine which users are experienced and trustworthy, and what’s the quality of the services/products they offer. Keep in mind that Damongo doesn’t cover shipping costs, and you must always contact the seller in order to see if there will be additional shipping costs and taxes that will be added to the total price of your order.

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The best thing about sites like Damongo is that they give you access to unique and affordable services that regularly cost hundreds of dollars. Why pay a professional design studio $100 for a logo design, when you can check the offer of a Damongo user and get the job done for just $10-$20? The Damongo freelancers can help you with many other jobs as well – designing banners and logos, setting up WordPress websites, coding or designing websites, graphic design, preparing unique home-made items and decorations, giving you valuable advice, and even an online appointment with a certified psychologist!


Although the website is rather new, we expect it to quickly gain popularity thanks to its rapidly growing community, flexible payment methods, and great platform! Damongo is a great place for freelancers, private users and business owners alike, so don’t hesitate to browse through its rich collection of advertisements, and find some offers that meet your requirements and needs.