From Design to Construction; Why Collaboration Matters Most?

A design idea comes to you, and a concept begins to form. It doesn’t matter if this concept is for a new home construction project or a skyscraper to fill out a city skyline. The process of going from idea to construction is almost always the same.

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  1. Concept
  2. Collaboration
  3. Predesign
  4. Collaboration again
  5. Schematic design
  6. Scheduling
  7. Estimating
  8. Detailed design
  9. Collaboration again
  10. Final design
  11. Construction


That’s a heck of a lot of collaboration, but buildings don’t build themselves. A single person is rarely capable of constructing a building all on their own. A team must be built with the same care that your design will be built. Ultimately, you want to build a team that believes in your design, and has the ability to follow through.

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Your design team will collaborate with you to perfect your initial design. Feedback will be essential at this point, so choose a design team that has knowledge about efficiency and functionality, as well as has creative minds that can improve on your great concept. Collaboration will ultimately flesh out your concept, so it becomes a worthwhile predesign.


At this point, you’ve engaged a worthy architect. Not only do you want an architect who is qualified and creative, you also want someone who can take constructive criticism and will create a schematic design based on your predesign. Remember: criticism is a two way street. If your architect has some ideas for improving the predesign, don’t discount them. Again, this is where collaboration plays a huge role in the creative process. If you want the perfect building to be constructed, you have to be willing to work with your architect.

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In the world of design and construction, most professionals rely on some sort of communication software to ensure that all involved parties have instant access to the most updated plans. Between the predesign and the final design, a lot of changes will be made and tracking those changes, and ensuring everyone has the updated changes, is incredibly important. Software, such as Procore Technologies’ construction drawing management tool, will help ensure that all involved parties are able to manage the entire drawing lifecycle.


Once the schematic design has been approved and finished, it will be time to begin creating a schedule for construction, and a monetary estimate for construction costs. Remember: this is an important time to have some sort of collaborative software to ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times, even if they’re not all together.

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When creating a schedule, it’s imperative that all collaborative parties agree that construction can be completed on time. Everyone’s time must be considered. Estimating is equally important because going over budget can kill a project. Use your software to constantly track costs, ensuring that everyone is aware of the budget in real-time. This is essential to stay on budget, and yet another example of why quality collaboration is absolutely necessary.


Your detailed design can be a 3D design or something created on a computer. This is the absolute last time to collaborate on the design. Meet with your team regularly to ensure that everyone agrees that the design is perfect. Any remaining issues must be worked out before the final design is created. Once your team is certain all issues are resolved, a final design will be created and construction can begin.

Congratulations you’ve made it to your structure’s construction, and that means spending more, working harder, and ultimately enjoying the fruits of your labor.