How to Design Your Garage Interior?

Do not ignore your garage when you do home interior design. It forms part of your front façade. How it looks contributes to the overall curb appeal of your home.

It is not enough to add to the aesthetic appeal of your garage. You have to balance out style with function. When doing garage home improvement, make sure that you are able to designate ample space as workspace.

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A high-quality garage transformation should include making the garage look good, as well as making it a fully functional and practical space to do your DIY projects in, and adding practical ideas to make the garage a convenient storage for things other than your car.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you remodel your garage, try to think beyond just painted metal. Using wood, windows, frosted panels and the like will add a great degree of warmth and unique appeal to your garage.

Choose details that will reflect the overall feel of your home itself. For example, if your home has a fresh contemporary design, make your garage blend in beautifully with the rest of your property by incorporating geometric lines and horizontal detailing in your design. When going over your options for a door, you can choose one with windows that have rectilinear cutouts. You can have a local artisan especially design the door for you.

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You can soften the garage’s door hardscape by adding appealing details like planted flowering plants, shrubbery, decorative stone, or any similar type of landscaping to help border the garage.

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If you are adding decorative stone, you can consider flagstone or brick to add texture and a sense of depth. You may also do well to opt for materials and colors that effectively harmonize with the rest of the main house.


You can have exterior lighting on your garage door in the form of sconces or carriage lighting. These lights will light up the immediate area, as well as the driveway.

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If you want to have a unique, beautiful, and artistically designed garage door form part of the garage’s general appeal, you can opt for softfit down lights that can shine downward and draw attention to the door. If you opt for a garage door that has frosted glass windows, the lights installed inside the garage will set off the windows’ beauty and soft tones, adding to its overall appeal.


While you have a garage primarily to keep your car in, you can also use it for other purposes. You can designate certain areas for woodworking and other DIY projects.

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You can also use the garage for storage. Make sure to use the vertical height of its walls for this purpose by adding the needed cabinetry. You can buy ready-made shelves from home improvement stores. You can also get professional help if you want especially designed and bespoke cabinets.

Make sure to use heavy-duty materials for your cabinets. As long as you are spending money to remodel your garage, make sure that it is money well-spent by seeing to it that everything is durable and long-lasting.


Today, you can choose from a wide range of paints to add color to your garage interiors. Make sure that you know exactly how you intend the garage to function so you can choose colors appropriate for it.

If you want your garage to look light, bright, and breezy, you can opt to use paints which are lighter in shade. Such colors reflect light and will make the interior look bright.

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On the other hand, if you intend to use the garage to tinker with your car or to do projects in, you may have to re-think the use of light colors. Projects can be messy and result in visible spots. Darker colors will be more effective since spots do not show as glaringly in them.

The colors you choose for your garage should blend in naturally with the colors in the exterior of the main house. Colors which are too vivid may prove to be distracting. It is better to go with neutral colors.


You have to determine what things you want to work on in your garage before deciding what kind of flooring you want installed. If you want to use the garage primarily as a work space, make sure that you use materials and colors that will not show up the marks of oils, carpentry nicks, and other messes associated with the projects you will be working on.

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Coating the floor with concrete epoxy paint will make cleanup easy and convenient. Choose paint that is darker in color than those you use for the interior walls.

Wrapping Up

Your garage is an essential part of your home. Pay attention to both the exterior and interior design and details of your garage. These details –materials, lights, floor, cabinetry, and artistic fine points – will help highlight the overall beauty of your property. When you take the time and effort to plan out and execute a fine interior design for your garage, you are likely to want to use the garage for doing many enjoyable things other than park your car in.

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