6 Design Tips For Decorating & Furnishing Your First Home

Designing your own home is easy when you know the exact look you want. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to simply envision a stunning room. As a result, most of us who have homes that start to look like antique shops after awhile. Here you need to get the tips to make your home a center of attention. Luckily, there are a few simple tips for decorating & furnishing your home easily.

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Pick Two Colors

One easy rule of thumb when choosing a theme for a room is to stick to two colors that go well together. You can certainly add things to the room that don’t feature the main colors, but having an obvious color scheme makes it easy to create a room and let you put a personal touch to your home.

Know the Room

Every room in your house has a purpose. A room should be more than functional, making you feel something every time you enter. To do this you need to use furnishings that not only match a specific theme, but also serve a specific purpose in the room. Having a bed in the dining room, for example, throws off the feel of the room by making you want to take a nap, rather than wake up and start your day.

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Keep Wall Art at a Minimum

Wall art has the ability to make or break the design of a room. It’s easy to want to decorate the walls with everything we like, but only including a few trinkets or pictures that match the color scheme and theme of the room go a long way. If you over power a wall, all the sudden you lose the color that you choose to showcase and it can start to look overwhelming with all that clutter hung about.

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Use Functional Furniture

If you can, use furniture that has a dual purpose. Storing things in drawers under the couch or in a hide-away ottoman can help you stay organized and keep to the theme of the room at all times. Looking for this type of functional furniture can seem daunting at times, but there are tons of furniture stores from Atlanta to Seattle that sell this furniture concept.

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Clean Daily

Cleanliness isn’t just a necessity if you want a healthy home. Cleaning helps us think about our decorating choices and take pride in our work. It also helps us keep visitors from being distracted by dust or clutter, helping them to focus on the theme of the room.

Throw It Away If You Don’t Use It

One problem many new home owners face is having too much furniture. While having a couch, loveseat, coffee table and armchair in your living room may seem ideal, it just isn’t practical if you don’t have a lot of visitors and have a small family. Eliminating some of the furniture will change the look and feel of the room dramatically, allowing you space to create a theme.

Money saving a big issue while decorating a new home but don’t you worry we have solution for this problem as well. You can follow the given ideas and tips for decorating your home perfectly without going beyond your spending capacity.

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Above all, make sure to be thoughtful about the pieces you bring into you home. This is the one place you can call your own. You want to create a haven with your area and be sure you always enjoy your time there.

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