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Digital Photography has changed the way this field works. The computer and digital tools enable us to manipulate and edit our photography, resulting in completely unique images. The end result is, that if you are a photographer, not only are you measured in your skill for shooting unique compositions, but you are also judged on the quality of your edits.

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According to the stats, about 83% of digital photographers use computers to edit their photographs, while 63% of people run their photographs through an editing filter before uploading them on the internet. Whether they use free Photoshop templates in their editing or do it from scratch, in this day and age photographers and the general public do not like an unedited picture.

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That is a whopping number which shows the popularity of editing. And while we may have ethical issues with airbrushing portraits and hiding the beautiful, natural flaws of our bodies, all of us can admit there are many other effects we would instead love to have on our photographs. For instance, what about a vintage or a cinematic effect? That edit would definitely look cool!

Enter Photoshop Actions!

However, any designer and photographer worth their salt will tell you photo editing is a long and tedious task which is often not much fun. You have to spend hours tweaking at shadows, highlights, contrasts, exposures and a lot more to end up with a simple edit. And God forbid, if you have to replicate the same edit on more than one photo, you are in for a sleepless night!!!

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This is where Photoshop actions might help. Photoshop actions are an often overlooked feature of Adobe Photoshop. These actions are actually a sequence of automated scripts which help introduce a string of processes to your design or photograph, to help take it to the desired end. This means if you wanted to convert your Grandma’s Christmas party photographs into black and white portraits with blurred edges and white bands, you don’t have to laboriously replicate the task over a hundred photos. All you need to do is run the Photoshop action and get your results all at the same time!

How Can They Help?

Photoshop actions and Photoshop templates can help designers and photographers save a lot of time. Photographers can make their own Photoshop actions and thus introduce efficiency to their workflow. Instead of replicating the same task over and over again, you just need to run the action script and you’re done.

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However, ending up with a perfect script is a lot of work to start with. This means you need to laboriously pour over one piece of editing, to use it as a blueprint for the automation. But this task becomes easier if you just use the ready-made Photoshop actions and templates. There is a lot of free versions available on the web. PhotoWhoa has a collection of numerous Free Photoshop Actions and Photoshop Templates which are available for download for use by photographers or even the general publics. It is good to maintain a library of staple Photoshop Actions and Templates.

Some of the best free Photoshop actions and templates are the following:

18 Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

Vintage effects are a big deal. Whether you are a commercial photographer who covers weddings and other special occasions, or you have taken up photography as a hobby, you will often want to render your photographs in a charming, vintage tone. Instead of spending hours to get the perfect vintage ambiance, now you can just download the vintage actions pack and get results at a single click. This is especially effective if you are a photographer who has to print family albums or other photograph albums in time.

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Free Portrait Photoshop Actions

Portrait Photoshop actions should be another staple in your actions library. Often, you will want to enhance your wedding portraits or portraits from any other occasion. Whether you have chosen to document stories of the people of your city through portraits, or you are covering a particularly cute first birthday photo shoot, you can go an extra mile with the vivid effects and enhancements. This free portrait photoshop actions pack gives you 8 one click solutions to portrait photo edits. They are also compatible with PSE 11+ and all versions of Photoshop above CS4.

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Family Portraits Actions

An extension of the portraits action can be specific actions designed to bring out the character in the family photographs. You can make these portraits more vivid, expressive, and professional with the help of such actions. It also helps you save time. If you’d like to make your own actions, you can do so after recording an editing process for one of the photographs. Once the blueprint recording is made, the other photos will follow it to end up with the same results. However, if you are looking for even quicker solutions, this pack provides 30 actions that bring out the personality of your family portraits.

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Photoshop Actions From Symufa

The symufa pack is a good example of actions that can give subtle makeovers as well as vivid effects to your photographs. Running these scripts can also help photographers pick cues for the kinds of manual edits they would like to make. Often, just viewing the process of a great edit can open up the doors of new ideas for you. This is not really a staple action pack for your library, but it is a good one to help you gain a good eye for edits.

Free Photoshop Templates

And finally, these Free Photoshop templates can help you with last minute situations. Photoshop templates are a great way of bypassing the repetitive work that you may come across when you replicate designs for your clients. Having some free templates at hand allows you to just put in the details, or stick in an image and personalize it for your client.

Whether you are a professional photographer and a designer or just a photography enthusiast, we hope these products will enhance your work and help bring out your creativity for the better.