Designing Holiday Greeting Cards for Your Clients; What to Focus Upon?

No matter what size your business, what market you are in, or what demographic your clientele belongs to, you should be sending out custom greeting cards for the holidays. There are just some rules of etiquette that you must keep in mind. Here is a guide to designing holiday greeting cards for your clients:

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Avoid Specificity

Remember that not all of your clients celebrate the same holidays. Some may not even celebrate the holiday season at all. Therefore, in order to avoid offending anyone on cultural grounds, choose greeting cards that are not specific to any one holiday. Your best options are those that celebrate the season in general; focus on a universal message. For example, “Hoping you and yours are filled with love and joy this season” applies to everyone, regardless of personal beliefs, while a message like, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” is sure to leave some of your clients out in the cold.

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Send Greeting Cards with Plenty of Time to Spare

As previously mentioned, not all of your clients celebrate the same holidays. Moreover, some holidays come a lot sooner in the season than others. Therefore, you should send your greeting cards out before any of the holidays commence, so that your clients receive them in time. You can send holiday cards out as early as October.

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Your List Should Include All of Your Clients.

Don’t leave anyone out. It would be horrible for any of your clients to find out that you favored someone else’s family over theirs. If you design holiday-neutral cards and you send them out in time, then there should be no reason not to include all of your clients on your mailing list.

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Tell People Who You Are 

Don’t assume that your card recipients will automatically know who you are. After all, they deal with many different businesses over the course of the year. Be sure to include all of your business information somewhere on the card, as well as your name and title. You can either mount a business card into the greeting card, thus incorporating it into the design, or print pertinent information directly on the card. Either way, you should provide recipients with enough information so that they know exactly who sent the card and who signed it.

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Sign Off

Include a real signature in your card design. It might take you a half hour to sign 400 cards (if you have many more clients than that, simply spread out your card signing over the course of a week), and your hands might be tired afterward, but a real, handwritten signature is the perfect finishing touch, and a great way to show clients that they are real people to you, worthy of more than a computer print out, whether you’ve spent hours on your cutom greeting cards or not.

Holiday greeting cards are a perfect way to communicate with clients in a personable way over the holiday season. However, it is important that you do it right. Follow these tips for great business holiday card design.

About the Author: Thaddeus Leftridge takes great pride in sending his clients thoughtful greetings throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.