Designing a Restaurant with Cave Theme

Designing a Restaurant with Cave Theme (1)

A business having a theme is a concept till it is combined with strictly run operation and a quality menu to go with it. A uniqueness of theme may attract some out of town or country tourists but the loyalty of a customer can only be achieved with up to mark service and quality of food served.  Money spent on a flashy theme can buy a timely success but the loyalty of good food lovers cannot be bought with money. First things to handle while opening a themed restaurant are carefully planned operation aspects and a delicious menu. The level of entertainment that your themed restaurant is offering has to be up there with the service provided and quality of the food served.


Menu may be having much different kind of cuisines but the key is the presentation of the dish and its name with a touch of cave theme. Flintstones movie is one of the ideas you can use for designing the menu and naming of your dishes. In the movie Fred is a big food lover. He loves steaks and ribs of different dinosaurs. So the idea is to keep the serving big and the names of the dishes, for their mega and big serving nature, ending with ‘saurs’ or staring with ‘dino’. Example for naming an ‘American Beef Stake’ is ‘American Beefosaurs Steak’. The color scheme of the menu should be in light colors matching the Stone Age. It will also be good idea to have plastic plates shaped like rock slabs. The menu can either be engraved on embossed on these plates with the help of a molding press.

Crockery and Cutlery

This also has to be with an antique or Stone Age touch. They should not be heavy as they would seem to give the look of. Silver ware will do the work just fine for cutlery and big but circular or diagonal with unevenness of edges of the plates will bring the best out of the theme.

Presentation and Serving

Serving to be in those big plates and there should be a touch of simplicity in it but no compromise with the dish. The servings should be of big size like you should buy for your kitchen big size steaks to give the perfect presentation of the cave world.


Staff should not only be competent with their service but good actors and performers as well. You can write a script for them for greeting a customers or the way they have to carry their way of speech. The dressing for the staff should also be according to the theme. You can have black coats, a little lower from the knees with white collar and bow for the waiters.


Furniture may give the look of big stone slabs with stone chairs but it is advised that they may only look like that not feeling like stones. The seats have to be comfortable and of perfect height.

Wall Art

Wall Art from the Stone Age caves for story telling different event can be used on different walls and roof as well. Many such scripts and carving can be found on internet and history books. An artist can recreate them. It will also be a good idea to hang a bit of info on a printed canvas about these carving for the interest of customers.


Lighting is the backbone of any theme. The use of lights with images of light bugs on them can give an impression as if light bugs are within the light globes. A nice fire place with digital or holographic burning effect will also do a perfect job.

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