Diamond Jewelry Trends in 2013

Are you planning to get engaged in 2013? I think you must check the latest diamond jewelry trends before you go to build your engagement ring. I know that every person has his own choice but it’s important to keep an eye on latest trends so that you always pick what is regarded up-to-the-minute. So, let’s start checking what is going to become popular in 2013 diamond jewelry industry.

Diamond with History

We all remain curious about history so, how is that possible that we ignore diamond with history in 2013. When I say diamond with history then it is nothing but antique diamond. If you have your grandmother diamond ring then it’s time to smile as you can present happily to your sweet-heart. You can pick from overt-antique to subtle antique for making your engagement day quite special. Good thing is that there are many online jewelers who allow you to build your engagement ring by selecting the antique stones and coins.

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Wide Assortment of Metal Choices

Picking a stone is not a single decision when you are about to build your engagement ring, you need to decide on setting as well. When you think about setting, different metals come into your mind, gold may be the fist one. However, 2013 will be a modern year as you need to avoid gold setting and try platinum as it appeals to every one.

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Gold color is yellow while platinum is pure white and shinny metal. Therefore, when you will select it as a setting, it becomes a perfect match of colorless whitish diamond stone. Next year, people like to wear mixed metal shaded ring with a white shiny diamond in center. Real style will be started when white and yellow gold will be combined in stacked or twisting band styles.

Diamond Layering Style

A single layer of tiny pieces of diamond will be out in 2013 as bride like to wear the multiple layer jewelry. So, jewelers would have to keep diamond layering theme in mind. No doubt, this style looks attractive. When a girl covers her wrist with layer diamond bracelet, she gets attention of every guest.

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Diamond Setting

In 2013, we will see the fame and name of twisted and bypass settings. No doubt, both are unusual and stunning. Halo was a big hit in past and in 2013, we will enjoy double tier halo setting.

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Diamond Cut

No doubt, cut matters the most to you when you are going to build your engagement ring. Every person who is going to engage in 2013 will give a preference to Emerald, Pear,Cushion and Oval cut.

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Diamond Shades

There is a possibility that next year couple skips the traditional white shade of diamond and goes for Cognac and Champange diamonds. Those who prefer fancy diamonds will love to wear Canary Yellow diamond as sunny gold look of it is awesome.

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Diamond Diversity with Low Cost

Next year, we will see a positive change in the diamond jewelry industry. The famous brands will offer wide variety of diamond items with an affordable price. An example is available in the form of multiple small diamonds in round shape. These tiny pieces of diamonds are designed in such an exotic manner that every person admires it. The cost of such designs is extremely low but not cheap. In simple words, you will be able to buy a ring that has a chic small diamonds design and a fine finish. In 2013, famous brands will surely grab the attention of all their past customers who left them due to lack of money.

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At the end, I would like to tell you one special thing about modern society which is nothing but sensible spending. When you go for buying an engagement ring, you don’t need to make a hole in the pocket. When you visit the market, many options are available, just you need to search and choose one that you can afford.

Author Bio: Marry Jojo is an expert fashion and jewelry designer. She knows the best ways that help you to build your engagement ring.