The Digital Revolution – Is Your Company Updated for Online Age

Times are changing and that means companies need to change with it. With everything becoming more technological businesses need to become savvier with the online world. Physical office spaces may not always be enough for company’s days and for these problems there are things such as Servcorp Virtual Office solutions. What is a virtual office, you may ask? Exactly what the name suggests! A virtual office offers an address, landline numbers, and the support from a team without committing to a physical office. So now that the world is well and truly moving into a more technological age, here are some tips for updating your company to grow with the online age.

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Social Media

Social media has become one of the biggest platforms, for customers and businesses alike. It can create a whole image for customers where they can find out everything they need to know with a few simple clicks and interact with the people who work at the company. It’s important to market yourself through social media to gain a whole new following or even keep the old clients interested. Ads that are fun, short, and to the point can always catch the eye of someone scrolling through their social media newsfeed, the initial interaction with this new customer must be enticing enough to pull them into the actual website, where they can look at your offers and services.

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Website Layout

It’s important to have a website layout that is easy to use and understand.  If a customer is having a hard time navigating their way through the website they will more than likely lose their patience and find another company that will help them out easier. Making your layout attractive and also user friendly is the most important thing to keep in mind when designing a new website, or even updating your old one.

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Videos are a great way to engage an audience through the screen, they don’t have to read or look too hard to find the information they’re looking for. Creating short, informative, yet entertaining videos is a great way to pull people into your website. If you create your own videos using the people who actually work for the company, you can get closer to your customers by not hiding behind actors in fully structured television advertisements. Creating your own videos with your own workers could also help save money on advertising costs; it can also help create a better idea of what the company is all about, and who the customers will actually be dealing with.

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Applications are the great tool of the future; almost every big business has one. They’re a great way for customers to get onto a mobile friendly version of the website to make purchases, bookings, or just generally contact the business. It takes the extra work of having to get to the actual web address of the business. Through apps you can customize the layout of the mobile friendly site so customers can get to what they’re wanting faster; you can also keep them up to date with whatever is going on with the company with notifications straight to their phone rather than in an impersonal email.

Technology is the future, and it isn’t something to be scared of. Once you and your company have a firm grasp of the online age things will be sailing smoothly, just remember to keep changing with the times and don’t be afraid to take risks.