10 DIY Accents to Transform Your Space on a Budget

No matter what your budget it is possible to transform your home into a place which reflects your personality and the latest styles. It is possible to transform your entire house using the following techniques; some of them will require DIY work whilst others are exceptionally easy to achieve! Whichever task you attempt, it will be satisfying to know you have created your own theme:

Base Boards

A tall baseboard looks like it is expensive and part of a custom house.  Instead of forking out additional funds glue or nail a thin piece of wood several inches above the existing base board.  Then paint it to match. It will make it look like it is much bigger than it is.

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DIY Accents wood baseboard


Flat doors are common as they are the cheapest option for most homeowners. Mount a framed mirror onto the door to create a distinctive feature and a far more impressive looking door. It is also possible to add a frame to a flat mirror to make it look more stylish and pleasing to the eye. You can even split a large mirror with an upright shelving unit, creating a ‘his’n’hers’ mirror. Frames can also be added to cupboards and drawers around the house to add a stylish new look to your home.

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DIY Accents wood mirror


Paint can transform any room, whether you go for a bright, feature wall or repaint all the walls with a soothing pastel color. However, once the walls have been repainted the ceiling can end up looking drab. Brighten it up by painting it a light, bright color; it will transform the room!  You can also repaint ceiling fans and other accessories to give them a new lease of life.

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DIY Accents pastel color

Window Treatments

Windows are important for letting light and warmth into your home. Window coverings and quality fabric curtains are usually changed to accessorize the room, however, another easy upgrade is to add a trim above the window, and it will transform it from a plain window to a work of art!

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DIY Accents curtains

Front Door

Your front door can be a feature of your house, not just an entry point! It is best to keep all the other doors the standard color and then paint the inside of your front door a dark color to catch your eye and add character.

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DIY Accents front door designs

Light Fitting

Old lights do not need to be discarded; you can change the cover for something stylish and in keeping with your own theme. Alternatively you can remove the cover and repaint it, using appropriate paints. It will transform your room.

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These should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible and past the width of the window.  It will create an illusion of height, even in a short room! The room will also feel brighter and airier.

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DIY curtains

Focal Walls

An increasingly popular trend is replacing a painted wall with a wooden one. This does not mean taking the existing wall down! You can use wood paneling to create the desired effect and have a rustic wall for just a few dollars. It also emphasizes your interest in the environment and using natural materials.

DIY wood paneling


Metal brass fittings come in and out of popularity over the years. They are currently on their way out. Thankfully you do not need to remove them all and pay out to replace them. You can now paint them with a specialist paint which will make them look old and new at the same time!

diy accents for home


Any wood finish in your house can be stained a different color; it can even be painted to reflect the new theme in your home. In fact, you can even use special paint to repaint your sinks and bath tub! This is a very simple way to transform a bathroom.

DIY accents painted sinks

The only limit to the changes possible is your imagination. Put it to good use and transform your personal space into the best place to live. Rather than spend thousands on expensive furniture and fixtures, why not think outside the box and consider DIY accents to give your place the most innovative appeal. Make it look original, new and stylish with the simplest ideas, and the effect will be better than expected.