Do’s & Don’ts When Creating a Magento Website

A powerful and appealing website plays an important role in the success of a business. It can increase your number of customers as well as the overall profitability of your business. To the contrary, a bad website style can prevent customers from visiting your site and hence, decreasing profitability. A website owner has to consider a certain amount of Do’s and Don’ts when creating a Magento website. Here we list out some of the must-do and must-avoid things for the sake of your website. It is expected that these tips will turn your website into a profit-corner for your business.

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Put Simple Magento Plugins for Simple Look and Navigation Capabilities

Simple look is the way to attract visitors towards your website. Magento developers are asked to give place simple plugins and extensions for the simple website style. Ensure that web pages have suitable links to improve clients’ visiting experience and satisfaction. Customers should be able to access their desired things within 2 or 3 clicks. When customers are facilitated to fast navigate through a site and find their desired choices, they will visit the site again and again.

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Fonts and Colors

Keep simplicity while using fonts, colors and layouts for your website. Give a regular look and feel for the site to display your website a skilled look. If it is a linked website, then use reliable design, font style and colors.

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Relevant and Straightforward Articles

Make obvious, to-the-point and efficient articles to draw the attention and interest of clients as well as help them understand better what you have to offer. Cover clients’ problems in your articles and provide right solutions as well.

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Versatility to Browsers

Ensure that your Magento Ecommerce website effectively works on different browsers and windows such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc. for enhanced results.

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Place Your Information

Most websites have their address on the ‘Contact Us’ page but you can include your mobile number and email ID on every page to give an expert and mature look.

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Superb Quality Design

Ensure that you use high quality images and logo for your website to draw attention of clients as well as to make interest on them about your products.

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Place Information Near the Heading

This is a wise technique to let clients to promptly see the data without scrolling down to the page.

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Use Bullets and Other Materials

Clients’ interest can be best drawn to important segments of your articles by adding bullets, boldface, designs, colors, headline, etc.

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Security for Clients

Your security and privacy practices for clients should be quickly visible to them and must be stated in plain conditions. You also need to take important steps to make your site safe and secure for clients.

Employ Plain and Brief Brands

When clients see popular and efficient brands on your website, they will show interest to visit your site again and again.

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Fill Up with Too Much Data

Avoid placing too much information and facts about your business on the site. It is good to create different web pages for different products or product category.

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Excess Use of Data

Putting excess videos and audio elements such as animations, images and design will make your website slow to fill, discourage website practice and annoy customers.

Hard to Read Textual Contents

Certain colors and contents can make your articles difficult to read by customers. Also, avoid using distracting visuals on website.

Irrelevant Materials

Avoid adding unnecessary or irrelevant materials to your website. It is a pointless function that brings no results to your website.

Obsolete Articles and Links

Never keep your articles and links obsolete on your website. Refresh contents regularly and keep monitoring the links. Remember, outdated links can negatively affect your business status.

Avoid Too Much Terminology

Don’t use terminology in an increased manner, especially if your website is designed to promote the products intended for a small group of specialized people. Besides, don’t use contradictory materials in your website as they can give unprofessional and negative image to your business.

Flashing Designs

Avoid using flashing textual content and designs because they can cause trouble to windows and stay detrimental to the reputation of your website.

Clutter Up with Ads

Avoid putting too much ads on your website. Check pop-ups regularly as they can bothersome clients and cause harm to your credibility.

Introductory Advertising

Avoid including introductory advertising on the first web page before the articles appear. This practice can make clients annoying and negatively affect your business status.

Boasting Company’s Achievements

Avoid boasting your business achievements. Give a simple description to your clients about your company and back it up with client testimonials and references. Hence, clients can easily judge your performance.

Magento is a powerful and widely used Ecommerce platform that has changed the world of Ecommerce. Using this open source application, developers can create highly attractive, dynamic and next-generation web applications. The development of Magento is based on PHP framework and is a cheap solution for ecommerce sites. People all over the world choose to do ecommerce business which increased the popularity of Magento development. Great flexibility and wonderful design options are rendered to Magento developers in order to draw attention of more visitors.

As Magento is an open source platform, Magento developers are benefited to use it for ecommerce stores and websites. Before using this application, people have to learn some basic information of how the platform works, how to optimize it, how to run it efficiently and how to get it developed by experienced developers. Experience and knowledge are must for developing a Magento website. There are many Magento developers available in the market to choose from. You have to ensure that the person you chose is highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable on different aspects of Magento platform. Check his/her experience and knowledge and then hire their services for your website.

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