Download The Best Currency Converter For Free

Currency converter is a tool that calculates the rates different currencies in the foreign exchange market. The app has to get upgraded quickly on a real-time basis, due to constant ups and downs in the finance sector. It also allows you to select currencies from various countries. It is valuable for traders, travelers, online buyers, and others. You can easily download currency converter apps from the internet, for free.

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Below Are Some Best Free Ones That Have More Than Four Ratings.

download currency converter

Easy Currency Converter

It can easily calculate currencies from 180 countries, and also the rates of 4 priceless metals. This is a vibrant app that helps you to set your own currency list, and get an instant glance on all the vital monies, instead of scrolling through the endless list. It operates offline as well, but will display only the last results when you were online.

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It converts currencies of 12 countries, simultaneously. The money value from date to previous 5 years can be easily checked. Addition of new currency or removal of a present one is possible. provides the live financial conversion rates and graphs.

Pocketool’s Currency Converter

This app is simple and a handy tool for traders who want to stay on the top. It is capable of hosting numerous popular currencies. Additionally, international markets are monitored continuously and results are displayed on a graph. This helps the stock investors to determine the forthcoming market status.

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Currency Converter

This app is incorporated with the approved PayPal conversion rates. It quickly calculates the eBay item prices, along with shipping rates online. The currency converter helps eBay international shoppers to get an on spot idea on the price they have to spend for making online transactions.

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XE Currency App

It can handle 180+ currencies and valuable metals. Updates are refreshed every minute. It presents currency charts for historical rates. You can calculate the rates with currency converter app and monitor ten currencies, concurrently. You can personalize your settings for altering the frequency, and select the number of decimal units to be displayed. It also has last update storage facilities, which can be used offline.

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Online Currency Converter offers conversion calculator for individuals and investment businesses who are interested in foreign stock market. It helps them track the existing current rates. Online currency converter interface offers concurrent money exchange rates, which are updated regularly.

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A comparative historical exchange rate of euros and dollars help the users to understand the chronological fluctuations of the 2 potent currencies and their effects. This data is valuable for future calculations. Users can customize their personal currency converter.

OANDA’s Currency Converter

This app uses the OANDA rates for conversion. These rates can be accumulated from prominent market data contributors. OANDA rates are trusted by major corporations, auditing firms, tax authorities, and individuals all around the world.

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It supports 190+ currencies and automatically lists down ten exchanges that are used by you regularly. You can easily access them. You can select a percentage from interbank rate list for calculating an approximate rate charged by your Credit Card Company or bank.

Talking Currency Converter

This is a simple and vibrant online converter that deals with currencies of 90 countries. It automatically synchs with the Google currency server. The app’s interface is user friendly and provides the user with rapid results.

This article has been written by Alex. I have been into online trading for many years now. If you are into e-currency exchange, it is important for you to choose the right exchange companies. The website, lists out all the verified and secure exchange companies.