EaseUS: Best Free Backup Software for Personal & Business Needs

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is one of the most widely used backup software and, to be fair this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this software suite’s functionality and great price. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is completely free of charge, and it is used by both regular users and small businesses that need an efficient and reliable backup solution that won’t eat a big chunk of their budget.

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best free backup software easeus

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free software suite is just one of the many backup software products that EaseUS, one of the most reputable names in this field, has to offer. Unlike many other software products of this type, EaseUS Todo Backup Free doesn’t involve any hidden agreements or proposals that may make you pay money at one point or another. The publisher’s official web page explicitly lists the set of features included in EaseUS Todo Backup Free and inform users that additional features are available in the paid versions of the software.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free: Backups Made Easy!

One of the main selling points of EaseUS Todo Backup Free is undisputedly the sleek and easy-to-use user interface. The software requires minimal configuration, and thanks to the simple interface and detailed documentation, users can rest assured that they’ll quickly learn how to operate this powerful, yet simple piece of software. EaseUS Todo Backup Free allows its users to quickly backup all their data to a cloud storage service or export a system clone to a removable storage device. The ability to create a system clone may often be underestimated by computer users, but it is a convenient way to keep a working copy of your operating system and applications that you can restore in case anything goes wrong.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Free is compatible with all types of partitions, and the system can easily be exported to an external SSD or HDD. It is also possible to clone entire hard drives but do keep in mind that this operation may take longer, especially if you attempt to restore a large amount of data. Regardless of this, there’s no other free backup solution that’ll provide you with as many options as EaseUS Todo Backup free. Another advantage of EaseUS Todo Backup Free is that it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including the controversial Windows 10 that has caused problems with many popular software suites.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Works Great Not Just For Backups

If you express some interest in computer technologies, then you are probably aware that SSDs are much faster than the average HDD. This means that SSD are more suitable to install your operating system on since they can greatly reduce your computer’s bootup and loading times. However, what can you do if you purchase a new SSD, and you don’t want to install a fresh copy of Windows along with all the applications you regularly use? This complicated operation may take more than a day, especially if you work with more sophisticated software suites. This is where EaseUS Todo Backup Free can save hours of your time. The application’s intuitive interface allows you to swiftly and efficiently clone Windows 8.1 to SSD as well as all other versions of Microsoft’s operating system.

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Another thing that the developers of EaseUS Todo Backup Free have taken into consideration is compatibility issues that users may come across if they attempt to restore to dissimilar hardware. Operating systems tend to install just the correct system drivers for the hardware they are being installed on, so cloning your OS to a different motherboard, CPU or even RAM may turn out to be a difficult job. Thankfully, this is not a thing you should worry about if you use EaseUS Todo Backup Free because this backup software includes a feature that allows you to seamlessly restore your system to dissimilar hardware.

The inexistent price tag, neat features, and intuitive interface have made EaseUS Todo Backup Free the favorite backup software suite of millions of users across the globe. It is very likely that most PC users won’t need the extra features offered by the paid versions of this software. However, if you want to give it a try then you’ll be glad to hear that both ‘Todo Backup Home’ and ‘Todo Backup Workstation’ feature a free trial that is available to anyone who wants to try their extended functionality.