Easy Tips for You to Spice up Your Website

Creating a website can be so much work that it’s intimidating beyond all proportion. By the time you have the site up with all the content that you want, you often don’t have a lot of extra time or energy left over for anything extra to make it stand out. But the fact is that it’s these “extras” that often determine whether people stay on your site long enough to really appreciate and engage with it. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to achieve this effect.

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tips to spice up website

Make Page Titles Pop

Let’s face it, the first thing people will often read about your site is a page title. And people will in fact “judge a book by its cover” so to speak. This is because we kind of have to in an age with a total overload of information available. When there are hundreds of pages just like yours, the one with the best title will be the one people click on, period. Take a little time to think about what page title you would click on if it was describing your site page. Would you click on a title called “Dog Store,” or would you instead click on “”Canine Cave” ? Titles that make people think “I wonder what this is about?” are the titles that you want. Additionally, if you care about optimizing the page for search results, you could add some keywords in the title, as long as that doesn’t kill the title’s draw.

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Pictures Work

Another easy thing to do for spice is ask yourself how many pictures you have “above the fold,” that is right at the top of your page. You don’t want so many that it’s distracting, but you definitely want one right at the top, and a few interspersed throughout. This will make it much more likely that people will click on your site in the first place, since many search engines will have a thumbnail of your site’s first page. And it will also make it much more likely that people will stick around more than a few seconds. Pictures help illustrate the words on the page, and draw in the viewer’s interest.

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You can find free pictures that won’t get you in trouble for copyright at the Creative Commons search page. This site will let you search through pictures that are in the public domain and royalty free at various sites such as Google Image Search or Flickr. You’ll have a decent chance of finding something suitable there.

Add Scanability

Many people will scan websites for only the information that they want and no other. It’s a useful exercise to ask yourself how easy it is to scan your website. You can do this by adding headers or different sections. This way, people can go straight to what they want, instead of having to dig through your site. If readers have to dig, they will be more likely to give up and look for another site that has an easier to scan design.

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No matter what techniques you decide to use, you always have the option to get a professional web presence by going with a professional company for aid as well.

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