Easy to Implement Guide to a Greener Kitchen in 2015

Greener kitchen does not only refer to choosing a green paint for the walls and tiles, but also choosing to live healthier and eco-friendlier life. What people start with is changing their diet, eating fruits and vegetables from their sustainable gardens, thus not only keeping their body healthier, but the environment they live in too. But to prepare meals that can truly be called eco-friendly, you need to make sure that the cutlery and cookware you are using is made of sustainable material too. So if you want to make your kitchen a completely eco-friendly place, here is a list of small changes you should make in order to ‘cook greener’.

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Sustainable Cookware

Once you decide to make your kitchen a more eco-friendlier place, you have to ditch all of your old cookware and get a new, energy-efficient one. Buying everything made of cast iron, stainless steel and copper would be the best option, because they save energy, and also help you prepare your food faster. You should also switch to ceramic, silicone or glass backing pans and molds that will enable you to reduce the temperature of your oven.5+ Decorative Touches for Your Kitchen to Have a Modern Look

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Be a Smart Cook

Now, once you have equipped your kitchen with the proper cookware, it is time to learn how to cook smart. If you usually prepare smaller meals because you live alone or still do not have a big family to feed, it would be better to switch to toaster oven instead of using a large one that consumes a lot more energy.  Microwave ovens also proved to use 50 percent less energy than conventional ones, so it is not only eco-friendly, but also suitable for summer days, as it will not be that hot in the kitchen. Consequently, you will not have to turn the air-condition as often. Finally, when thinking about what to eat and what to prepare, do not browse your refrigerator for too long, Keeping the door open for a long time wastes valuable energy.23+ Amazing Appliances for Modern Kitchen Design

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Advanced Planning

Also, when it comes to filling your fridge, it is always good to sit down and make a detailed list of everything you need before heading for the store. This way you will not have to go last-minute shopping, and not only will you save your time, but also gas that is not only polluting the air, but is extremely expensive nowadays.See the Latest in Kitchen and Home Appliances

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Dishwashing Tricks

Many who have ditched their washing machines in order to live greener life were wrong. Not so long ago studies have showed that hand washing requires you to spend much more water than washing the dishes in the machine, and saving as much water as you can is the basis for living eco-friendly. However, what you should always do is wait to have full dishwasher before turning it on, because running one full uses much less energy than running two loads of half-full dishwasher. On the other hand, if you live alone, or if you usually use only a few dishes per meal, than hand washing is the better option.

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Plumbing Solutions

Now, if you are more of a hand washing type, the smartest move would be to switch to low-flow faucets, and best water filters in order to use much less water, and also healthier and cleaner one. Not only will your monthly bill be much lower by switching to eco-friendlier faucet, with proper filters you will be able to drink faucet water without worrying about intoxicating your organism with chemicals that can be found in regular water.

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When the Meal is Over

Now, it has probably happened to you many times that you cook too much and that you end up with leftovers. Many choose to store them for later instead of throwing them away, what could in a way be called ‘food recycling’, but only if you use proper containers. Get rid of all the old plastic ones and get yourself glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers. Even though plastic is a recyclable material, they are made of petroleum that is a nonrenewable resource.

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So do not stop at cooking food that you bought at the local shop, or took from your sustainable garden. In order to say that you are cooking green, you need to get yourself a completely new set of cookware made of sustainable material, redesign your kitchen, and change your cooking and dishwashing habits. Not only will life conditions you live in be healthier, you will be too.