Easy Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

We have to face the fact that the era of big and private backyards is over, and even once beautiful spacious suburbs are today compact and densely populated. Even if you love all of your neighbors and you have a great relationship with them, sometimes you just want to spend some time on your own, or with your family only. Even though it might seem impossible to separate from the world outside of your garden, there are ways you can redesign the place so that you can sit in your backyard and forget about everything but you and the people who are sitting there with you in it.

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Outdoor Curtains      

It is almost never a good idea to put a huge plain wall between you and your neighbors, especially if you have a small backyard, as then it will make you feel like you never left the house in the first place. The easiest solution is to hang curtains on your porch or a gazebo, not just for privacy but also as a protection from the sun. Curtains can frame an outdoor space perfectly and create private and cozy places for you to spend some time in a shade during the warm spring or hot summer days. You can choose any color that you like or that goes with your backyard furniture, but you cannot just go with any kind of fabric. If you do not want to take the drapes off each time it rains, choose the ones made of weather resistant material, so that you would not have to run outside every time it gets cloudy.

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Upward Garden

If your garden is small and there is not enough space to plant all the flowers that you wish to, then outdoor green walls are exactly what you need. Green walls are structures covered in soil in which you can plant anything you want, from all green, to flowers in different colors, that way creating a true work of art. Living walls usually require a special irrigation system, and if you feel like it is too much work, you can simply put any kind of wooden structure between you and your neighbors and let the climber plant do all the work. Either way, not only are you separating yourself and creating your own private cozy corner, you are also making your backyard greener, what will make you feel like you are sitting somewhere secluded in nature instead of the densely populated city suburbia.

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Divide and Conquer

Instead of building a wall, you can plant trees along the boarder between your and your neighbors’ garden, and thus separate the two spaces. This way not only will you get a kind of a living wall, you will also create a pleasant shade for your backyard. On the other hand, if you do not have enough space, you can place a couple of flower pots on the side of your balcony, what will not only make it a more private, but also more beautiful.

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Picnic Time

Tents are no longer just for when you go out in the woods, but they can be a part of well-decorated backyard. There are numerous designs for portable tents and pavilions like the ones you usually see people use for outdoor weddings. They are perfect for making your backyard a more private place by isolating you from your neighbors, and they can also protect you from the elements. In Sydney, Shade Sails became quite popular a long time ago, and they spread to the rest of the world quite quickly. Their interesting design enables you to incorporate them in any backyard you have, as they come in different shapes and colors. You can also get water-proof ones, so that you can spend time outside even if it is a rainy day. They are a great solution for limited spaces, and also for those people who are not able to invest too much in building any more complex structure. There are also tents which do not only provide roof over your head, but also have walls that can zip up, so that you can protect yourself from the wind without having to move your party indoor. Another good thing about these tents is that they are portable, and quite easy to set up, so every homeowner can do it on his own.

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No matter how friendly you are and how much you love your neighbors, sometimes you just need to spend some alone time. Sitting in the backyard, breathing in some fresh air while reading a good book or drinking your coffee in peace is the best way to relax and replenish your energy.