6 Essential Travel Apps; Useful for Your Next Journey

When you go out and travel, one of the first things that you may want to consider would be taking advantage of all the available apps in the market that you can use to help you travel smoothly and effectively.

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You need not all the apps of course, below are the 6 must have apps that can help you big time as you travel.


You surely do not want to overspend on your holiday, going home with an empty bank account is something that you would never want to happen. True enough, when you are traveling, you want to buy everything and anything you see, you want to splurge and spend sometimes more than you can.

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Most of the time, people tend to forget right budgeting and management of their expenses while traveling, it is almost normal especially that they focus more on making themselves fulfilled or satisfied.

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Mint is an app perfect to those who do not want to go beyond their budget. The app is highly credible and reliable managing and tracking your finances, thus giving you an opportunity to be reminded of where you are at in terms of the money you are spending during travel. An app that will let you manage your finances in just one place.

World Around Me

World Around Me or simply WAM, is an app that can surely introduce you to best places around. It is a location based app that brings Google Maps to reality. You need not to do so much, as all you have to do is bring your phone out and hold it up and automatically the streets in front of you will change and will let you get all the information you need regarding different facilities and shops nearby.

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Getting lost to places unfamiliar is almost ordinary, it may consume too much of your time and energy, thus by using WAM, this is not too much of an issue that you need to think of. No wasting of time and fear of getting lost is what WAM app can best offer you.


An app that will provide you everything you need as you travel. TripIt has all the access and connections from different airlines, booking sites, rental car companies, hotels, railways including cruise lines, travel agencies and the like. A great app to keep your itinerary on track, you need not to look for many apps and organizers, as your itinerary is just accessible in just one app and in just one click. How easy is that?

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Say, you make a reservation with St. Louis Limo Rentals, you just need to send the confirmation email to plans@tripit.com and automatic, and it will be included on your itinerary. As easy as that, book it and all will be done for you by TripIt.


When you travel to a place that is new to you, transportation may not be that easy, with the help of Citymapper, traveling anywhere is just so much easy and fun. All you need is to click in your location and place where you plan to go to, and in just one click, you will be given directions, routes and transportation options you may use reach your destination.

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Citymapper is an app perfect to give you ease as you go out and travel.


When traveling, one of your primary goals is to make sure that you satisfy your palate. Using Foodspotting app will let you get the best suggestions and recommendations of restaurants and best dishes straight from those who tried them. Not just to give you information of best places to eat or best dishes to try out in a specific restaurant, but as well as pictures sent by real people.

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As a return of favor, might as well do your share, inform the people of satisfaction you experienced in a restaurant you dine in using Foodspotting app. Share pictures and rate the restaurant and dishes as fairly as possible.


Taking pictures and sceneries is a requirement when you travel, thus that being said, Snapseed app is your best buddy. Snapseed app will let you edit your photos and enhance them. Sure, a great app to let you post and share the best possible photos on your social media accounts.

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Now that you know that there are apps that can help you as you travel, what are you waiting for? Download them now, and enjoy your next travel escapade to the extreme.

Joel Cordle is a person who loves traveling and travels like a local everywhere. He mostly travels with his friends and family. He is working with a bus services organization St Louis Limo Rentals.