6 Essential WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Site Secure

WordPress is the world’s most sought after blogging platform used by millions of websites throughout the world. This makes WordPress-based sites popular targets among hackers. The developers routinely release updates to address all possible vulnerabilities, but third party themes and plugins make WordPress susceptible to hacker attacks.

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There are several instances in the past when an entire web server hosting hundreds of sites got hacked just because of a single vulnerable plugin. The point of the matter is that if you are using WordPress, security should be of utmost concern. In this post, you’ll get to know the different security plugins that offer various features to ensure that your WordPress blog is safe from threats. So without further ado, here are the 6 essential security plugins for WordPress…


This is by far one of the most popular security plugins available for WordPress, with more than a million installs to date. It is capable of blocking bruteforce attack and includes a firewall to block botnet, fake traffic, and scanners. It scans your hosting for backdoors like C99, R57, among others. It also scans your posts and comments to detect any malicious code. If it finds a threat, you will be immediately notified via email. WordFence also allows you to check traffic in real time and determine if there is any security threat. The developers claim that it can make your WordPress website 50 times faster and secure.

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This plugin is free, but some advanced features are offered with the premium version, including scheduled scanning, country blocking, two-step authentication and more. If you can afford it, it’s absolutely worth every penny.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is basically a monitoring tool for activities and changes that pose a threat to your WordPress site. If there is a security breach, you can easily review activity logs and figure out what happened. It keeps log of all activities and safely stores them in the Sucuri cloud. This means your security logs are safe in Sucuri’s security operations center, even if an attacker manages to bypass security controls.

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This plugin also offers other security features like blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, website firewall, and malware scanning. It integrates different blacklist engines including Sucuri Labs, Google Safe Browsing, McAfee Site Advisor, Norton and more to check your site. It also protects against bruteforce attacks, DOS attack, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, and other scanner attacks.

WP Security Audit Log

This is considered by many as the most comprehensive WP Audit Trail Plugin. It works by keeping an audit log of all activities happening on WordPress and WordPress multisite to identify security concerns before they become a serious problem. This helps in monitoring users’ productivity and makes troubleshooting easy. A security alert is issued when any of the following occurs:

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  • Failed login attempts
  • WordPress is updated/upgraded
  • New user is created through registration
  • User logs in to WordPress for the first time
  • User alters his/her password or email address
  • User alters the password, role or other profile settings of another user
  • User alters WordPress settings such as administrator notification email or permalinks
  • User uploads or deletes a file, installs, uninstalls, activates, deactivates, or upgrades a plugin
  • User makes a new post, page, or a custom post type
  • User adds, modifies, moves or deletes a widget
  • User installs or activates a new WordPress theme

Security Ninja

This is an incredibly fast and effective way to scan your website for potential threats. In fact it takes less than a minute to perform the scan and then you will be provided all possible security concerns along with links to explanation of the issues and measures that can be implemented to fix them. As a user, you are guaranteed that the plugin will run more than 50 security tests to make your website more secure. It’s free but you can go for the pro version to avail of more advanced features like Auto Fixer, Core Scanner, Malware Scanner, Scheduled Scanner, and Events Logger.

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Bulletproof Security

This plugin covers three crucial areas: login, database security and firewall. It features a one-click setup wizard which makes it easy to use. It blocks code scanners, security scanners and fake traffic. It also constantly checks the code of WP core files and themes. In notifies admin in the event of a known infection. In addition, it optimizes your website’s performance by adding caching. It effectively protects WordPress sites against a wide range of vulnerabilities including Base64, CRLF, CSRF, Code Injection, RFI, SQL Injection, XSS, and many others. There is a pro version which offers advanced security features, but the free version is good enough to ensure security of your website

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AntiVirus for WordPress

This is a user-friendly tool that will harden your WP website against malware and spam injections. You can configure it to conduct an automated daily scan of database tables and theme files. If a suspicious code injection is detected, it will send a notification to your specified email address. If your website gets hacked, this plugin will quickly inform you about the problem so you can take immediate action. Some of the other notable features include virus alert in the admin bar, multiple language translations, daily scan with email notifications, database tables checks, theme templates checks, manual check of template files, and clean up after plugin removal.

With today’s increasing number of security vulnerabilities and hacking attacks, it is imperative to have a potent security plugin in your WordPress website. As the owner, you are responsible for the safety and security of your content. You invested time and effort to develop and publish it, so it just makes sense to protect it by all means. The plugins mentioned above are very useful in adding an extra layer of security for your website. You got nothing to lose, so pick one and use it to the fullest.

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