Facebook Messenger Day Launches As a Clone of WhatsApp & SnapChat Stories

Today Facebook is globally launching Messenger Day to put a realistic spin on the slideshow format. While SnapChat is for telling stories and WhatsApp for status what is happening, Messenger Day’s who’s up for it? It uses filters and Active Now indicator helps you to find friends to chat and meet up with them.

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After testing this features in countries like Poland and Australia. This feature has gained millions of user through testing in Poland where SnapChat is popular. Now Messenger Day is rolling out for everyone at the top of Facebook’s chat app with IOS and Android updates, including desktop messaging threads.

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This feature lets you share photos and video with public that disappear after 24 hours. It also allows you to visually communicate with friends through Messengers newly enhanced camera through jumpstart thread and get together with friends.

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Alongside WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories, Messenger Days could use convenience compete with SnapChat for user engagements that become a key weakness for Snap as it goes public? A Billion people already use Messenger, after all. Snap’s share price already dipped as Facebook’s Messenger Day announced this morning.

Hand’s On with Messenger Day

In Messenger Day various features are cloned from SnapChat stories, with an ability to draw text on images.  Facebook’s one the biggest achievement is to use graphic filter, thoughts sharing and suggestion for what to share, instead of just celebrating holidays, events, and festivals.

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You can check your My Day options on top of the messaging thread in Messenger. You can set custom privacy for your day who you want to share with what’s up on your day.  These features allow users to share visually appealing images if they are not enough creative to make designs. The slideshow stories format has proven to be the powerful way to share more than one polished pictures like Instagram.

So, Messenger Day might not lure many people away from SnapChat, but Facebook could stunt its competitor’s growth by racing to bring its own stories to the unclaimed corners of the globe.

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