Facebook Set to Release a Standalone App

In the recent months, the social media giant has made its intentions clear. They want to be part of the video content that is available online. Currently, YouTube dominates this segment. Besides that, now they want to be part of another trend that has gained traction in the past few months. In previous times, Facebook gets its content from other sources such as people’s cameras until it ends up on Facebook.

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facebook standalone app

However, Facebook wants to do one better; they plan to launch their own camera app. This will make sharing of content to Facebook much faster. In addition, this app is likely to have features that will enable users to edit content in a manner that makes it more presentable on Facebook. It seems Facebook wants to edge out its rivals. It is another opportunity for the tech company to take an even larger chunk of the internet.

Effects of this Move

This standalone app could make people upload more uncensored content on Facebook. As of now, the long process of making content appear on one’s profile means people take considerable time to choose what they want to be seen by their friends and the world.  This new idea could mean we get to peek more into people’s lives.

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Facebook does not plan to release the app soon. However, it will still need to help Facebook users create content that is worth looking at. At times, being able to post quickly does not make the content better. Users should still have the time to consider if they want something that they create to be on their news feed. This app might end up making content on Facebook more meaningless.

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Facebook users have always resisted change. For instance, the timeline view by Facebook created a lot of controversy in the beginning. This app might make Facebook completely different. As a result, it might result in more users being resistant to change like in the past. The real value of the app will be decided when user download it and install it on their phones. As opposed to what Snapchat does, this app will not make the content disappear. In addition, the user will have to live with what they choose to appear on their timeline.

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Responding to Increased Penetration of Mobile Devices

As of now, most people who use the web do it using their mobile devices. The standard app available for Facebook is quite useful. However, it still has its limitations. It is not efficient enough for people who want to edit content before they share it on Facebook. As a result, the quality of content on Facebook seems to be dropping in quality.  With lower quality editing, most people just randomly upload content without caring about its creativity or quality.

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For people who love creating sophisticated content for use on Facebook, this is the app of choice. It will put more usability in their apps. It is especially useful for people who use Facebook as a source of income by creating content for their friends and followers.

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Due to the influence of apps like Snapchat, most people now want to be able to create content faster and share it. Social media is a lot of fun; however, it is also a bit irritating since you constantly have to switch between apps to do what you want. As a result, one has to go through a number of apps they have to share their content on the Timeline. This app will make the process of sharing content, especially by newbies much easier.

How Beginners will Benefit

Newbies to Facebook will have an easy time navigating the social media site. It can be at times confusing for people who have never uploaded anything on Facebook before. With this app, new users will not have to go through all the complex instructions that most newbies usually have to read. However, expert users of Facebook might not have much use for this app. However, since it is likely to be simpler and faster to upload content, they will definitely like it.

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Generally, this seems like a great idea from the social media giant. However, the one downside is that this app will make things so easy that the value of content goes down.  This will only be determined when they actually launch the app. Their offering for mobile platforms has been less than desirable. This could put them on par with their rivals in the video world.

People do not want to wait for long to get their content seen by their friends on Facebook.  With this new app Facebook could become more likable compared to apps like Snapchat. This will be a great app for beginners. This will help to increase the retention and frequency of Facebook users. The only hope is that Facebook comes up with something quality that is built for the future. It will be a big disappointment if the app appears to be dragging users back into the past.

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