Fall Leaves Crafts; Do Something New And Interesting With Your Fall Leaves

Fall is here, and soon all the pretty green leaves on the trees in your backyard and at the park will turn to even prettier reds, browns, yellows, and even purples. Of course after they change colors they will eventually fall to the ground leaving a bare tree and a backyard full of fall leaves. Younger people understand that fall is the best time to turn work-time into playtime. Raking the leaves in the backyard is a lot more fun when you make giant piles and jump into them as you go. But you can do so much more with fall leaves than simply ranking them up, jumping in, taking pictures with them, and burning them.

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Interesting Ideas to Create Fall Leaves Crafts

Make Pressed Fall Leaf Pictures

Collect all the pretty colored leaves you want then press them between some really thick and heavy books.

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Make Some Fall Potpourri

You can use fall leaves to give color to your nice smelling homemade or store bought potpourri.

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Stuff a Scarecrow

Fall time also means that your garden will be full and ready to burst with fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep the birds away, and make a fun fall/Halloween time decoration, by making your own homemade scarecrow. You can use the fall leaves to stuff your scarecrow and you can even use them to sew onto him as colorful hair or clothing.

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Create an Artistic Decoupage

Use fall leaves in your next art project. Whether you are painting on a canvas, mod podging the cover of a mixed media notebook or decorating a wooden picture frame, you can use fall leaves to add some color.

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Make a Decorative Centerpiece

Use acorns, fall leaves, pinecones and other pieces from the outdoors to bring nature into your home as a pretty and decorative centerpiece.

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Make Some Fall Leaf Stamps

Create your own fall leaf stamps to decorate with. Simply use a paintbrush to cover the veiny side of a fall leaf with paint then press the leaf onto a piece of paper or cloth in order to create the your stamp.

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Fall Leaf Wreath

Us the newly changing leaves or the brown crispy leaves that are already on the ground. Gather them up and glue them to a stryofoam wreath form in order to create your very own fall leaf wreath.

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Make Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations

Use a fall leaf or two as the feathers of a Thanksgiving Turkey decoration. You can use your child’s handprint for the body and let him or her glue on the fall leaf feathers.

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As you can see fall leaves can be used for so much more than simply making giant piles, raking them up, burning them, jumping in, and taking pictures. Fall leaves are a beautiful part of nature, and instead of simply using them and enjoying them once a year, try some of the above activities and crafts in order to have fun with fall leaves and enjoy them for many seasons to come.

Madison Resare is a content creator who enjoys writing about craft projects, fall activities, and nature.