Fantastic Ideas for Using Rope Lights for Christmas Decoration

Rope lights are an important part of the Christmas decoration of any American house, but it is a less known fact that these lights can be used for more than just a plain decoration. Although the most common type of rope lights come in various colors, you can buy special types that are in different forms and colors, or even modify rope lights by yourself. Rope lights also have different effects – some twinkle, others flash and third ones are static. These lights are sold in just about any store during Christmas, so finding where to buy them is fairly easy. In this post are collected some of the best ways to use rope lights as a decoration:

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Cabinet Lighting

Rope lights are great for accenting the contents of a cabinet or giving it a good looking glow. You can put the rope underneath the cabinet or hide it behind it in order to create a professional glow coming from the top and bottom. If there is a ledge on the top of the cabinet, you can hide the rope there. The rope lights can be put on any cabinet – kitchen shelves, wardrobe, bookcase, etc. If a cabinet has glass doors then the rope lights can be used to draw attention to its contents.

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rope light under cabinets

Outdoor Accents

If you have a beautifully landscaped yard, then why not accent on its features with rope lights? Placing a string of lights on the deck or the stairs will also make them safer for your guests. Stretching rope lights on the driveway or sidewalk will make your house look more welcoming and give it a Christmas feel. You can also use rope lights on flower beds, fences, trellis, deck railings or table umbrellas.

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Outdoor rope light

Bedroom Accents

Using rope lights in the master bedroom isn’t so popular, but these lights enjoy a lot of popularity in kid’s bedrooms. For example, you can put them under the bed or hide them behind the bed frame in order to create a good looking ambient lighting. Rope lights can also be used to accent on different pieces of furniture or other features in the bedroom.

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rope lights in bedrooms

Trees and Bushes

If you have any bushes and trees in your yard, then why not decorate them with a string of flashing rope lights? Using white or yellow lights will significantly brighten up your yard and give it a more romantic appearance. Of course, during Christmas you should use red and green rope lights, and during Halloween you should opt for orange lighting. You can get more info here.

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christmas tree rope lights

Patios and Decks

Ambient lighting is great for patios and decks, especially if it done properly. With rope lights you can outline the deck and help your guests orient better, or you can accent on different features.

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patio rope lights


Pathways are difficult to find in the dark, so why don’t you use a set of rope lights to illuminate them? Outlining the driveway, walkway or garden paths is a great choice, because it will make your yard safer and more welcoming. The best thing is that these lights can always work, because they are waterproof, so rain and snow doesn’t influence them.

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rope lights pathway


Stairs can be dangerous at night, so consider using rope lights to illuminate them or at least their sides. You can also work a little harder and plant the rope lights beneath the stairs in order to create a sophisticated ambient glow. This goes for both outdoor and indoor stairs.

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stairs rope lights


Rope lights can be used to brighten up dark cabinets and bookcases that are often used. You can also line the sides of shelves in order to make it easier to find the section you need. Another thing you can do is add lights under the kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for more decorative appearance, then consider installing the rope lights on top of bookcases and kitchen cupboards.

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rope lights on shelving

Decorate Children’s Rooms

Rope lights are one of the most affordable and beautiful decorations for children’s rooms. They are made of special materials and child-proof, so there is no danger that your kid will burn itself from the lights. You can install them on the edges of the room or use them on the furniture in the room. The best part is that the rope lights will also work as a nightlight if they are positioned properly.

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rope lights in kids room

Create Santa’s Runway

Rope lights have become an essential part of Christmas, and there are many ways to use them during this holiday. One of the most popular ways to use rope lights during Christmas is to create Santa’s runway by creating a path made of rope lights on your roof. It is best to use one line of green lights and one line of red lights for this purpose.

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santa runway rope lights

As Characters

This technique is a little bit more complicated, but the results from it will certainly turn your backyard into a local attraction. Use white rope lights to create a glowing snowman or use a stick and green rope lights to create a fake Christmas tree. You can also play around and create other characters by using colored rope lights and various household objects.

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rope light characters

As Garlands

Using rope lights as garlands for trees has become quite popular. If your trees don’t look so good during the winter, then why don’t you brighten them up a bit with rope lights? Don’t hesitate to mix two or more colors together in order to create a multi-colored garland effect.

rope light garland

Use Rope Lights for Wording

This is a fairly unpopular use of rope lights, because it requires a lot of space. For example, you can spell out phrases like Happy New Year or Merry Christmas! However, this will require a lot of space and time. If you want to do something like this, then it is advised to prepare a wooden template and install the lights on it.


Roof and Window Accents

You can use rope lights to light up the edges of the windows and roof. Also, you can combine blinking and static rope lights to create interesting lighting effects and add a great looking ambient glow to the entire exterior of your home.

RopeLights for roof and windows

Special Shapes for Christmas

Rope lights are placed in a special long container that is very flexible and can be shaped in any way you want. Thanks to this quality of rope lights, you can create all kinds of glowing Christmas shapes. For example, you can create bells, stars, trees, stockings, candy canes and much more with a little bit of imagination and a set of rope lights.

rope light shapes

Display Accents

The ways to use rope lights are numerous, because with enough imagination and time, you can create unique decorations that no-one else thought of. For example, by positioning rope lights properly on vehicles or wheels, you can create an illusion that they are moving. Accenting outdoor feature is another popular use of rope lights – use them to light up your fence, driveway, sidewalks, outdoor decorations, perimeter of the house, etc.

rope light display

Indoor Decorations

If you want to have a more unique Christmas tree, then consider decorating it with some rope lights. The rope lights can stay on for days, because their container is made of a special fireproof material, so the lights aren’t a fire hazard. You can also use the rope lights to accent on numerous indoor decorations.

indoor decor with rope lights

So you can apply these fantastic ideas to use rope lights for Christmas decoration to make best use of it at the wonderful festival.