FitZip: A Complete Analytical Review

Don’t go through its size, this mini product can be very useful in terms of your best fitness. This is like a friend; you get motivated each time through it. Starting from counting the steps, distance you cover, to extra fats that you burn, it makes you available with all detail.

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Making it interesting, the product sets target, you can challenge your friend; in short keeping it engaging all the time. In short, it’s a perfect way of blending the personal health in a social fashion.

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It aware you about your current patterns, and shows the best pattern to kick start towards your goal. Reportedly, users of the product count about forty five percent more climb each day than others.

Excellent Bundle of Applications

Between Zip

There is Between Zip™, Fitbit’s applications for mobile platforms available absolutely for free, and the over the web dashboard that gives you the picture of your regular and overall achievement. There are graphical presentations, columns, and tweak able dashboard available for best result. It thoroughly motivates the user by making aware of the number of steps remaining for achieving the goal. In short, it is a great all in one pack.

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GPS (get detail about the paths, music control tool, and finest diet information)

There is MOBILERUN through which you can take the best of your device through GPS. Apart from this, there are options like to manipulate the paths, keep workout records, statics builder within this great product for your better fitness.

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You don’t need to stop a bit for your uncompromising music passion, so it has all arrangements within the specified music control application. Apart from this, you can read your food code and immediately have entire diet information.

Mammoth Database, Perfect Guide of Calorie Burns

The best part above all is that you can get more than three hundred fifty thousand food information in its mammoth database of great brands and food centres.

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The MEAL SHORTCUTS is an interesting option to spontaneously propose the items you often combine. You can now get information about the calories input and the amount of calorie you burn through its calorie coaching.

To stay encouraged it connects with your friends. Get strengthen along competition through texts.

Finest Access, Work-Out Guide, etc

Fitbit over the web applications, nutrition information, physical exercise guide, weight check, all are just fabulous for your best fitness. You simply need to log your data through application. As we have mentioned, it has a great database. For example, when you target to control weight, Fitbit takes help of your food detail so that you can get the daily report regarding your achievements. The distinguishing part about the product is that it gives specific detail unlike others those talk on an average way.

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Links Well with Other Applications

You can pass your Fitbit information to some well known fitness applications as well. The other well known fitness applications also let you send their information to Fitbit dashboard. In short, you can get flexible in both applications.

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