Five Great Decor Ideas for Marquees

Marquees are the perfect venue for a special occasion. From weddings to corporate events, they provide excellent space to accommodate all of your guests. They can also be tailored to a particular style to match the theme of the event and help promote your brand or message.  Here, we explore five great décor ideas for marquees.

Mediterranean Summer Hall

Create an exotic, colourful Mediterranean summer hall with a combination of elegant Italianate status, subtropical plants and decorative ivy. Include paintings or photos of typical Mediterranean landscapes. Examples could include the scenic countryside of the Val d’Orcia in Italy, the lavender fields of Provence in France, the dramatic, vivid coastline of Catalonia in Spain, or any other inspiring area that will help to instil the true beauty and character of southern Europe. Bring the charm and charisma of the French Riviera and the wonderful serenity of the Greek Islands into your marquee.

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summer marquee

Medieval Gathering

Choose a traditional green-coloured medieval marquee with for a special historical event such as a small folk or music festival. Emulate the 14th century with a traditional display of large candles, Gothic chairs and captivating early Renaissance paintings. Consider hiring medieval crockery and utensils to make a stronger impression or opt for a traditional, long medieval table with beautiful ancient oak.

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Charity Event

Use special brands and slogans to demonstrate your message and choose from a range of texts, colours and designs to represent your charity and help raise awareness for its causes. Charity marquees also need to be environmentally friendly, professional and cost-effective to give the right impression to potential donors.

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Milestone Events

Choose from opaque or magnolia walls and an assembly of chairs and/or tables to accommodate your guests. A funeral marquee, for example, could also include a mobile kitchen and an assortment of photos and other items to be displayed on the walls. A marquee is also an excellent venue for music events (popular for graduation ceremonies) ,which may otherwise be disrupted by bad weather outdoors.

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Exhibition Marquee

An exhibition marquee is ideal for setting up events such as photography or artwork exhibitions and can be customised for different brands, colours and styles to complement your work. Event marquees are particularly convenient for the unpredictable English weather and are an extremely cost effective way to promote your products and services compared to hiring an exhibition venue elsewhere.


Marquee - Exhibition

This is just a selection of five great décor ideas for marquees, which can be used for many other special occasions such as birthdays, christenings and family reunions. By having your marquee decorated in the style of your choice, you can enhance your venue and provide an outstanding experience for all of your guests, whatever the weather.

Andy Austin has been working with the events management sector for nearly two decades and is currently blogging on behalf of Essex-based marquee hire company, Posh Garden Marquee Hire.