Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Moving Your Website

The online environment is a very competitive place. This is because you are facing competitors throughout the entire world, not just the ones in your town, area or even country. It’s really something to think about; you need to have such an amazing idea that it will blow the mind of your potential users and leave your competitors behind.

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Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Moving Your Website

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So, keeping this in mind, what is the best approach when you are moving your website to a different address or platform? How do you communicate this change to your users and clients?

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1- Choose Wisely before You Move

The idea here is to see if the hosting company that you choose can really be flexible to your needs. Most companies that choose to move their websites do it because they need more room on the servers as their website traffic increases.

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The idea here is simple: find a hosting company that is able to sustain the number of users that you predict to have in the future. It’s easy to establish a pattern by observing how the level of users has increased in the last couple of years. Following that pattern, you can determine how much server space you need.

2- Save Your Data to Avoid Expected Data Loss issues

There are various situations in which you may need to refer back to previous website content. That is why you need to save all your information before you move your website. This way, you can be certain that your data is safe, and you can always use it as a reference when you need it.

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3- Innovate to Retain Online Reputation Built Over Years

If you are focused on moving your website, make a big case out of this. Create a story that will get users’ attention. Come up with something really innovative when it comes to your new virtual home. It’s one of the greatest ways to attract attention, and you won’t lose the reputation that you have built over the years.

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The idea here is pretty simple: come up with a plan for your new website, but don’t change everything. Experts talk about consistency as one of the most valuable criteria when it comes to choosing a brand. This means that you need to keep several elements that define your company, but you can adjust the details under a new spotlight.

4- Communicate to Hold Old and Make New Clients

It’s really important to communicate the idea that you are making an important change.  Your loyal users need to know what’s going on in order to continue to relate to you as a preferred company in the future.

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The best piece of advice here is to announce the change that you are about to make in advance. Marketing specialists talk about a 20-day notice so that the information has time to reach as many people as possible.

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You’ll also want to use all available channels of communication. You should know that this can be a PR move as well, because in this way, you can easily reach out to people who haven’t heard about you. Driven by curiosity, they will check out your new environment for the first time.

5- Be Professional throughout the Process

Consider all of the details when you are moving your website, because the move could raise you above your competition, or it could break your reputation. The idea here is to be professional about it and consider all the details possible in order to be seen as a respectable company.

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Being professional doesn’t only mean communicating with your clients, taking care of your logistics and being creative. It also means taking care of your own team members properly. You need to inform them of your plans as well, because – believe it or not – they are ambassadors of your brand as well.

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By following these ideas, you can easily make a smooth transition, and your users will be impressed.

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