Four Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best CMS Platform On The Internet

WordPress is a popular web platform that has many enthusiasts worldwide. Although it started as a pure blogging platform, people can now create many types of websites with minimal effort. They only have to explore their creativity and create good quality content that will attract visitors.

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The following four reasons are why WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) platform on the internet today:

why wordpress is best blogging platform

Search Engine Optimized

One of the main reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform to date is because it is search engine friendly. Google just loves wordpress. This is helpful, especially if you are running a business. In addition to its friendly design it also has features such as self-ping, which notifies search engines when you update or make changes to your blog. Its search engine friendly permalinks, titles, and linking structure make your blog search engine friendly.

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Easy to Use

WordPress it is very easy to develop and use. Whether you are opening a free account on their main platform or want to install WordPress on your third-party hosting account, you can complete the process with a few clicks of the mouse button. Therefore, even the most inexperienced of webmasters can start and manage websites or blogs without the help of professionals. WordPress is also vibrant because of its detailed inbuilt dashboards. Contrary to other blogging platforms, its dashboard has well-defined categories such as settings, themes, tools, widgets, and posts that are readily accessible and easy to use. Gone are the days when bloggers had to contend with complex, disorganized dashboards that confused, and thus affected productivity of their establishments. WordPress take care of all these issues.

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High Functionality

WordPress offers a plethora of customization tools and plugins that enhances it functionality. This key attribute distinguishes between good and bad blogging platforms. For instance, if you main aim is to make money off your premium WordPress blog, you can use plugins such as AdSense Deluxe, AdManager and many others monetize your blog space. Furthermore, you can easily find plugins for customizing your blog or for connecting to web 2.0 social elements such as Facebook, Flicker, and even Google Plus. These plugins can help you to improve performance of your blog, increase traffic, and thus enhance it productivity. Finally, because WordPress source code is available to all users, you can manually customize your blog or create plugins if you know how to code using PHP. Unlike other platforms, your imagination is your only limitation if you are using WordPress.

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Beautiful Themes

In addition to its high functionality, you also have control over how your blog or website looks like. You can highlight your creativity using WordPress themes and make your website or blog stand out from your competition. You only have to download either a free or a paid WordPress theme, install it, and activate it from within your control panel to change the look of your blog. If a theme does not suit your style, you can simply activate another one without losing your content.

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Large Support Base

With is popularity, there are many people who dedicate their time to making WordPress better. For instance, many contributors work day and night to improve the core program. Other people are aggressively involved in theme and plugin development to meet the needs of all WordPress users. If you are stuck or have problems using WordPress accessories such as themes or plugin, its huge support base will come to your rescue. Many volunteers who are passionate about WordPress offer detailed solutions on their blogs, and address issues in various social platforms and forums. However, before you post a question, it is advisable to look through the previous discussions to know whether there is a known solution to your problem. The massive and knowledgeable WordPress community is the backbone of this exquisite blogging platform.

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