Galaxy Note 5: What We Know So Far?

No, it’s not any irony. We know that nothing official is known about this smartphone so far, but still, we know a lot about this upcoming device, thanks to continuously popping up rumors. For those who love to keep an eye of rumors, this post is must read as it covers all what we know so far. Let’s have a look at possible specs, release date and price of Galaxy Note 5.

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Form Factor

We are yet to hear from the rumor spreaders about the dimensions of this upcoming device, but yes, we will most likely get thinner version as compared to current Note member. Of course, just like any other fan of Samsung, we seriously wish to see fully metal handset from company. Premium look in the device will surely help it catch attention of millions.

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Earlier, we had rumors claiming 5.7-inch size of Galaxy Note 5. Well, those rumors have got replaced by new ones which claim 5.9-inch size in the device in talk. As per multiple reports that cite unknown sources, Samsung has started the production of 4K resolution screens. We will likely see 3840 x 2160 pixel 4K display in the Galaxy Note 5. This incredible display will come up with 746 pixels-per-inch image density. So of course, as far as the display quality is concerned, this upcoming device will surely beat the competition.

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Samsung always blesses its flagship devices with impressive processing speed. Following the same trend, company will likely bring Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Exynos 7420 chipset with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 will take the processing speed of Galaxy Note 5 to a high level.

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Operating System

Of course, just like its predecessors, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come up with Android operating system. Android L or M version is likely to be part of it. If it does not come in device by default due to time gap between release of device and operating system, then Samsung will be pushing it over-the-air for sure.

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To catch the attention of maximum, Samsung will launch the device in many memory variants from 16GB to 128GB. So, no excuse from the memory point of view to stay away from this device. RAM will be 4GB.

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Galaxy Note 4’s camera is loved by everyone. We hope to see something better in Note 5. As per rumors, 21MP Primary Camera and 5MP or 6MP will be part of the camera specs of the device.

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Although we are yet to hear anything regarding what could be battery capacity in the Galaxy Note 5, but as per few baseless rumors, it could be 4,000mAh.

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Release Date and Price

Again, nothing is known about the release date of the device. By analyzing company’s behavior with launch of previous Galaxy Note devices, we expect this one in talk to launch on September 3, 2015. Price tag between £550 inc VAT and £599 will keep the device in competition.

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Galaxy Note 5 is surely the device that is worth the long wait. Just stay connected with us to know the latest happenings in this regard.

Prakash Thakur is the founder of who keeps eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Galaxy Note 5.