Get Yourself Featured on the App Store

Did you know that there are around 2 billion apps in the App Store and more than 1000 are submitted to the store regularly? So, if you are an app developer looking to get your product featured on the App Store, just imagine how big the pool is in which you are diving and competing, and still thriving to be noticed by those who are sitting at the other end of lap. It seems like a supremely difficult task. Isn’t it?

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How to Get Your App Featured on the App Store

But, what if I tell you that your dream to get your developed app featured in App Store is not really illusory and you can actually achieve it by keeping a few obvious things in mind? There are some hacks that could bring you closer to your far distant vision where it would have higher chances of getting you in that featured list.

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Since you are here reading this article, you must be familiar with that though Apple select its featured apps randomly, it follows a particular set of norms which states what it looks for in an App before including it to their top category list. We have come up with some handy tips that would certainly get you there if you are careful about following them.

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Be familiar with the working of App Store

If you have been thinking that Apple chooses its featured app list only from the US App Store then you are mistaken. There are more than 150 app stores worldwide and in each one of those, a team of high proficient members hand-pick the apps that they approve for the ‘featured’ list. The basic reasons for having humans conduct the selection process instead of doing it through an algorithm is that they want to pick only those apps which are most relevant to the local users.

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You app should be of high quality

Isn’t it an obvious statement? Your app should be of really good quality and should match the standards of Apple apps if you are planning to write them to get it featured. Apple’s designs are definitely praise worthy for being unique and having high user interface. Your app should fit their aesthetics if you want it to be considered for their featured list.

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Keep iOS your priority

Ensure that you do not launch the Android and iOS versions at the same time. It is recommended to launch the iOS version only or at least keep iOS you priority so that you can prove it to the developers at Apple that how dedicated you are to them. Apple has a tendency to show their support to those who depict their loyalty to the Apple.

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Create a universal app

Apple considers it a sign of developing a good relationship if you adhere to their universally aligned business model, that is, it should be compatible to be featured on all the Apple products – iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. In case you are not sure about how to create a universal app, the guideline blogs can easily be located on the internet.

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Make your app native

You might be thinking that why would be restricting your user base by making your app local when you can cater to a wider reach worldwide. Since, getting featured in US app store could be a more difficult task; you can begin by getting noticed by the local app developers by Apple who are on continuous look out for the apps that would appeal to their local audience. Thus, localizing your app could be of an advantage to you for sure.

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Mail to Apple Directly

An obvious and direct method of getting your app featured in App Store is by pitching to Apple developers directly through an email that would certainly be reviews by the team as they have a dedicated email id for this purpose. Just make sure that you keep the message concise and as interesting as possible to catch their attention among thousands of mails that they receive regularly.

Keep your Ratings and Download Up

Though the basic purpose of getting featured is to get more downloads, the process works other way around too. Ensure that you are getting a positive following and continuously increasing downloads for your app and the same can be achieved by regularly updating the app and paying heed to the reviews of the users.

Though all the above points would prove helpful, the most important and interesting point is that you should ensure that you do not featured too early or the product will not be matured enough to keep you in the list for a longer period and audience might lose interest or give negative feedbacks.

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