How to Get the Most Out of Your Inbox?

Email is now one of the most common and convenient forms of communication for both businesses and individuals. For many people, the email is even considered the main line of communication for work, as well as many important services such as banking and shopping.

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That said, there are times when our inboxes do start to become rather cluttered, disorganised and in some cases even demanding. Like having piles of unopened mail on the hallway floor, a poorly managed inbox can become an immediate source of stress that just has to be dealt with whether we feel like it or not.

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Inbox

If you suffer from a poorly organised inbox, don’t worry, as assistance is at hand in the form of helpful tips and advice on how to tame your inbox once and for all in order to get the most out of your inbox.

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Spam Filters

One of the most annoying things about email is the amount of endless junk and spam mails that seem to be sent on a daily basis. Most people, of course, never open them, but they are still a source of irritation and a hindrance in the inbox. To reduce the amount of these most irritating of emails, you can simply install anti-spam software offered by Mailcleaner and other similar tech outfits onto your laptop or tablet. These work as a filter, allowing only mail from recognised sources.

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Turn off Notifications

Another major distraction in the inbox is the beep, ring or other synthesised sound of the inbound mail notification. At some point we have all probably been interrupted from work by an offer for something that we have no intention of taking advantage of, or information that we have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. This can certainly be avoided by merely turning off your incoming mail alerts in your preferences menu when you are working. If you make a habit of checking your email only on the hour, you will find that you have less daily distractions.

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Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Another top inbox irritation is the newsletter that we never bother to read. Every week like clockwork, the unwanted and unread newsletter pops up, only to be instantly and unceremoniously sent straight to the trash bin. If you don’t read them, unsubscribe, it will make your inbox management that much easier.

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Your Smartphone

If you install an email app on your smartphone, you can do some of your inbox management duties whilst on the go. This can relieve certain pressures, as you can reply to the most important messages before you even arrive at the office. Smartphone inbox management can really help to avoid those large unwanted build-ups in the inbox, whilst you are away from your workstation.

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De-Cluttering your Inbox

De-cluttering simply means deleting all of your old emails from your inbox. You may find that you have piles of emails that you have never got round to deleting that are actually just sitting there clogging up your inbox. If you really don’t want to permanently delete some messages, you can move them to another area, by simply creating a new folder. An inbox containing only important current mail and no out of date messages makes life a whole lot easier.

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Mail Handlers

By using apps like Thunderbird or Mail, you can access your emails without having lots of annoying advertisements popping up and distracting you. There are lots of free applications available that cut out, banners, links or any other kinds of distractions. Fast operating lean apps with no frills can really improve your overall inbox experience.

By taking control of your inbox, you can reduce the amount of daily distractions and work in a more stress free and organised manner.