Go Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with 10 Simple Tech Steps

It is always said that technological advancements take people away from ecology and environment. In reality, the advancements that we made in any field can be made used in such a manner that we can live more close to the environment. The harmful things that we do towards the environment can be reduced with the usage of the various contributions of modern world. The following steps can be followed for living close with nature without hurting mother earth.

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

1. Choose Shower Bath

When you are taking bath chose shower instead of bucket and tap. When you take bath with water filled in buckets from taps, you almost use 30 to 50 gallons of water. When you are using shower for bathing, only 20 gallons of water will be used for bathing. If the shower head that has a lower flow is utilized, then you can reduce the water utilization for a bath to about 10 gallons of water. Pure water has become very scarce and many are facing the problem throughout the world. Taking this small step to save water is an appreciable move from your part.

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2. Recycled Products

Large amount of power is necessary for creating and transporting new products. When recycled products are used carbon footprint can be reduced to a greater extend. Try to choose recycled products whenever possible. This is an act of encouraging the process of recycling which can help in the reduction of the amount of waste that gets accumulated in your environment.

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3. Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are capable of making it convenient for you to drink water at anytime and anywhere. Considering only your convenience cannot be considered as a good practice. You should think about the environment in which you live in when you are doing something. Plastic bottles are manufactured out of products that are petroleum cased and so it cannot be good for health. Much amount of fuel is also spent for transporting the bottles from the company to market.

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4. Go for Line Drying

When dish washer or washing machine used make sure that it is full before turning the switch on as this can save water. Drying the clothes in line can save electricity and also helps your clothes not to get faded. There won’t be many wrinkles on the line dried clothes and so they can be used without ironing.

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5. Unplugging Unused Appliances

If the appliances that are not in use are unplugged much amount of electrical energy can be saved. You may find this a tedious task but if you try this you may be able to find a significant difference in your electricity bill.

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6. Improving Efficiency of Fuel

Driving vehicle is indeed not suitable for leading a green life but it is impossible for us to avoid them. The only option you have is to adapt those methods that can help in improving fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Avoid rapid acceleration for reducing the waste of gas. You can also turn off the vehicle when caught in a traffic signal for saving fuel.

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7. Maximizing Efficiency of Computer

Try to use the computer in an energy efficient manner. Turn off the computer and unplug it when you are not using it. You can even put your computer in sleep mode if you are going for a short break.

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8. Avoid Plastic Toys

Plastic toys should be avoided as they contain toxic chemicals that can harm your baby. Buying plastic toys again increases the plastic waste in the form of toys. Try to get toys made out of organic materials like cotton or wood.

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9. Avoid Air Fresheners

Usage of air fresheners can lead to emission of much amount of chemicals to the environment that can cause breathing trouble to your baby. You can use vinegar instead of air fresheners for avoiding any nasty smells.

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10. Avoid Perfumed Products

The products that are perfumed contain chemicals that can harm your skin. These chemicals can also reduce the quality of air inside the room.

This post has been written by Anne Smith. She loves to write about Technology and Environment. She recommends landing.edrnet.com for best environmental data resources.