Good Website Design Made Easy!

You want a good website design. Everybody who wants to display something does. What makes a good website design though? Gone are the days where it just had to work and nothing else. You have to treat it like you would your home.

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A good website design is a combination of several different things. You can’t just do one thing well and expect everything to turn out okay. Don’t think you can get away with a premade template either. It’s all about bespoke and responsive websites.



If your web design doesn’t work, you don’t get views. You need to ensure that all major features are up and working from day one. The design of your website influences this enormously.

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A design must be uncluttered. Think of it like digital feng shui. You wouldn’t put your sofa against the door. Just like you shouldn’t place your search function somewhere that can’t be easily found.

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Functionality also includes how the site can be viewed. Mobile smart devices like phones and tablets have a large user base that needs to be catered for.

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This means making the design device friendly. It could also mean an alternate site designed specifically for these devices. It is possible to reroute people coming to your website to the mobile version if automatically detected via the browser.


Organizing your content is vital. It will turn viewers off if they cannot find what they are looking for. Ensure all content is split into categories and listed as such.

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This is comparable to a bookshelf. You could just stick them into the shelf in any order. However, when it comes time to find anything you’ll be in trouble.

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Like you would arrange books in alphabetical order or by the author, make sure your content is viewable as such.

Visual Design

Visual design is the icing on the cake. It is the binding agent that combines functionality and content.

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An ugly website is unforgivable. You may have all the other components of great web design but if it doesn’t look any good, you won’t get hits.

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With the visuals, you want to remember that less is more. It used to be that websites tried to pack as many elements into their visual design as they could. Now it is about minimalism.

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You wouldn’t fill a small apartment with large furniture. You shouldn’t overwhelm your viewers with information either.

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Similarly, avoid over-designing. Filling your site with gimmicks and motion graphics will make the site annoying to look at.

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Automatically playing sound and video also apply. Allow the user to play them of their volition.

Keeping It Fresh

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Keeping the same design for five years though? No thanks. Time moves on. So does website design. Functionality can improve, and tastes can change.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what people want. Resting on your laurels will only make you obsolete.

There’s no formula to success with website design. Make something you would want to use, but that anybody else could use too. Keep it simple, but keep it attractive.