Why Google Places Plays A Vital Role In Law Firm Marketing?

Claiming and filling your listings in Google Places can be an easy step to make but is not always an enough measure to rank top your law firm website within the ultra-competitive world. No law firm wants to be listed in the ‘More Results’ section which is often less visited by most Internet browsers. Having a decent ranking in the Google Places is a prized position that needs much attention to maintain. Your local competitors will aggressively fight for this position by employing specific strategies that will ensure you lose the slot if you are not careful in your law firm marketing campaign. Below is a description on how to make your Google Places listings stickier.

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A citation refers to a place on another website where your business name and address appear. Citations do not have to necessarily have links that lead back to a specific website since most of the law firm owners might not have well developed websites. While handling searches for different places, Google crawls through all the content available on the web and gives a point to your business whenever they find a related citation. Based on some Google Local algorithm procedures, some citations are likely to carry more weight as compared to others. There are several ways to get citations for your law firm. Some of the ways include using directories, listing your business on the Local Business Association website or blogging. One way to understand how to deal with citations is by looking at how those of your competitor appear. Finding out is easy since they are always listed out on Google.

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The goal of using citation is to have more feedback from Internet surfers than your competitor. However, it also acts much more like a link building technique since you will be required to drop in new citations each week. You can start building slowly and consistently and soon you will have a huge network of clients that will make your law firm successful. There are several places that law firm web owners can add their citations. All the popular places are derived from what Google indexes as citation. For citations to be successful, you have to be consistent. All details such as address, DBA name and phone number posted all through the different citation platforms should never change.

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With Google Places, the public can add reviews directly to their listing. Currently, Google does not concentrate on the quality but rather looks at the quantity of the submitted reviews. Even if you submitted poor reviews that still touch on your law firm, you are still likely to improve your rankings within the Google Places. There are several speculations that Google is likely to put more emphasis on power reviewers. They have powerful profiles and have the capacity to leave several reviews across a number of business categories. Submitting a review about your law firm from a power reviewer might carry more weight as compared to normal reviews. You can entice power reviewers by sending them a free press release and sample. Normally, having loads of reviews on Google has a possibility of outranking a competitor with several citations. As a result, reviews play a major ranking role on Google places. However, you should avoid adding fake reviews since they are likely to interfere with the overall outlook of your firm. It is normal for businesses to have negative reviews which are naturally good for business.

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User content

User content is always generated whenever people create their personalized Google places. It is possible to tag a location or place on Google places. The higher the number of people who tag your business on Google places, the more busy and popular your law firm is set to be. This can be achieved by having several references in most people’s “My Maps”. Creating user content on Google Places is relatively easier and quick. You can create some unique and useful content about your city and find ways on how to tag your law firm. You can also run a local contest involving the use of “My Maps” in order to get a huge number of people adding your law firm to their personal Google Maps. There are a lot of endless ways to achieve this as long as you employ creativity.

Well, the three mentioned tricks wrap up a basic guide on how to improve your Google Places ranking as a means of marketing your law firm. A closer study of Google Maps will make you realize how obvious these guides are. Following them keenly will help you achieve those higher rankings you have always dreamt of.

Shawn Dsouza is a blogger for Reno-dui-attorney.com and in his free time he likes to contribute on various issues related to law and legal matters.